#Girlproblems - Switching Seasons

Pink Spring Flowers against Blue Sky
It´s March which means spring is finally coming! I´m writing this as the rain is pouring down my window but I´ve decided I´d rather focus on the beautiful tulips in front of me. It´s spring now! As happy as I am for the seasons changing (because I love them all equally) this is always associated with a few problems, especially for us girls. Life as a girl isn´t easy. Life as a boy isn´t either and don´t even get me started on minorities. But I´m coming from the standpoint of a 20-year-old woman/girl so I thought I´d approach all the problems we girls experience in a little series called #Girlproblems. Today let´s talk Switching Seasons.

For this post I got together with the lovely Simone who I found (or rather who found me) on Twitter. Over on The BeautifulxImperfections Journal she talks a lot about mental health, being a fangirl and beauty-related topics. She also thinks life as a girl is hard which is only one of the things we bonded over. While I´ve tried to mainly focus on lifestyle and fashion problems associated with the seasons changing Simone found 15 more problems centered around beauty and lifestyle on her blog. Now let´s get into the nitty gritty here.

Cold or Hot?! My body only has two temperature states: Too hot or too cold. There simply is no in-between. So I´m basically super cold and wear tights under jeans until mid-April but then still wear summer dresses until the start of October. Somebody teach me the appropriate times for these changes.

Mood Flings. We´ve all experienced the effect weather has on our mood. In-between seasons the weather changes every day or even multiple times during a day. Therefore I can feel super motivated one day but just want to lay in bed the next. Or I´ll randomly get super motivated in the later afternoon.

End of Season Sales. You know that beautiful, warm winter coat you just bought in the sale? Well, you´re not gonna be able to wear that for about 7 months. I love finding a bargain but then seeing it in my closet for half a year and not being able to wear it drives me mad!

Mix of Summer Flowers Against Summer Meadow

Jackets. What jacket is appropriate for in-between seasons? My winter coat is too thick now but my summer jacket too cold and in six months time it´ll be the other way around. So basically, all I can do is layer which makes me look like a big, round ball.

Deceiving Weather. Sometimes the sunniest days are the coldest and the rainiest the hottest. The amount of times I haven´t been appropriately dressed for the actual temperature outside is ridiculous. Don´t mind me bringing a backpack of possibly needed clothes every wear I go.

Style vs. Comfort. I´ve already talked about this in my first #Girlproblems post on Underwear but somehow the fashion industry doesn´t understand the concept of comfort and style in one item. I´ll either be wearing something super cute that´s not temperature appropriate or a potato sack that is comfortable. Just stop it!

Longing For the Next Season. I´m always super excited for one season to start but when it´s here I´m already longing for the next one. As soon as january hits I want it to be spring because winter has become boring after Christmas. In September I already want to have full-on autumn. But somehow the weather never plays along..

Lighting. Coming out of winter is always nice for lighting in pictures but in-between season the lighting goes mad. In the span of an hour I get super exposed pictures as well as completely grey ones. It´s just so hard to find the exact right time to take pictures.

Autumn Leaves in front of Waterfront

Procrastination. When the weather is nice I´d rather spent my time outside with friends instead of working and when the weather is grey, cold and rainy I´d rather be on the couch watching films. But because that´s basically all the weather has to offer in-between seasons I´m always struggling to get any work done. Maybe I just don´t like work...

(Sun)Glasses. As a glasses wearer sudden sunshine stresses me out, especially if it´ll only last for a few seconds. There´s just not enough time to switch to my sunglasses (if I even brought them) before the sun is gone again and then I have to switch back to normal glasses right after. I´d rather stare directly into the sun, thank you.

Sleep Comfort. In winter I need at least a blanket plus my duvet to sleep comfortable and in summer I can do with the lightest blanket in the house (because I only need it to be protected from burglars, obviously). When exactly do I stop sleeping with my second blanket though? How do I know it´s hot enough for a lighter blanket?

Migraines. The weather does not only affect my mood (which would be bad enough). I´m super sensitive to changes in the weather. When it´s switching too much in one day I easily get really bad migraines. Can this stop, please?

Frosted Branches against Blue Sky

Shoe Chaos. Similarly to jackets, when is it okay to get your sandals out? Do I have to severely sweat in my normal shoes to know it´s time to change or is there some other cue? I´m always so confused as to which shoes are appropriate right now that I usually only wear one pair for the whole season. I bet all the other shoes in my wardrobe already hate me.

Huge Hauls/Spring Cleaning. Spring or autumn cleans are healthy and good. For me they always include my wardrobe which then looks super empty to me. With the shops also switching to their new ranges I go a bit shopping crazy. I always feel like I need everything which is not true in the slightest. Also all the seasonally themed hauls on Youtube are not helping either.

Shaving. While this is technically a beauty problem it is caused by the changes in fashion. I´m pretty relaxed about leg hair in winter (who´s going to see it anyway?!) but as soon as the weather is sunny the stress begins. Wanna wear that summer dress? Need to shave. Wanna wear light tights? Need to shave. Wanna be stylish and free your ankles? Need to shave.

Can you tell that changing seasons are hard for me? Also this is just the fashion and lifestyle problems I could come up with. Don´t forget to check out Simones 15 Beauty and Lifestyle Problems which will go up on Saturday. However, I wouldn´t miss having seasons for anything. I love that I grew up somewhere with hot summer days and snow in winter. It means I get to experience a lot of different things in one year which is amazing! If I have to go through a few confusing months per year for this I´ll gladly do that.

Do you have a favourite season? What do you find most annoying about switching seasons?


  1. I love this post, I can relate to nearly all of these haha. Autumn and spring are my favourite seasons and it was actually really warm today, we ended up going to the pub after uni and we even sat outside because it was so sunny. And of course I wore the wrong jacket haha, I was way too hot. Shaving is honestly such a struggle as well and I fully share your feelings towards end of season sales - I love them but it's so annoying to have to wait before wearing an item xx


    1. Thank you so much! Oh, I know the feeling. I went out for a walk yesterday in my winter jacket. Well, obviously that was more like a sauna but without a jacket it was still way too cold.
      xx Lisa

  2. I am always cold in winter, my body cannot handle low temperatures well that's why I hate winter. We had a lovely warm weather in the last days but today I woke up and it's raining like crazy, I feel like I live in Hawaii and we are experiencing a tropical climate hahaha!! Great post Lisa! x


    1. Thank you! I´m always cold but I also hate the air in my room when I have heating on so I hate winter as well (except for around Christmas because then it´s super beautiful & exciting!).
      xx Lisa

  3. Replies
    1. Haha, on mine too. But how could I ever resist them?
      xx Lisa

  4. Haha I love this post because I relate to these so much! Thank you for sharing! Also gorgeous photography :)


    1. Thank you for your comment, it really made my day!
      xx Lisa


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