Slowly Falling

Trees with frost on blue sky
Recently I´ve been really appreciating that I can enjoy art so much. I know physically all humans are able to see a painting, read a poem or listen to music but I´ve felt so thankful that I can really appreciate those things. Does anyone feel like that too? Especially music is something I´ve been enjoying lately (which might have been sparked by Ed Sheehan releasing his new singles). So I thought it´d be only fair to share a new playlist with you guys. This is one I´ve been listening to constantly.

Despite my love for a good beat and a happy song this is a playlist for those days. Those days where you just need to sit on your floor and listen to a few heavy tracks. I´m really a lover of acoustic songs, especially if they feature a beautiful piano melody. (I think piano is the one instrument I really, really want to learn still!) These songs are meant to be heard eyes closed, headphones on, rain pouring down the window, drowning in the melodies and feeling like your slowly falling in love with the music.

For me, these songs are a beautiful appreciation of the art of music. I love how simple they are and how they make me feel. They make me forget everything and I can just sit there with closed eyes and feel. As I´m mostly a head person and an over thinker I really appreciate these moments and I need them from time to time. Also these songs just give me goosebumps and really, really inspire me to dance, an inspiration I thought I´d almost lost over the last couple of years!

What has been your favourite playlist recently? And how has it inspired you?


  1. I feel like that too, oh my god I feel just the same about music. And now I love your blog too. It is cute xx

    1. Thank you so much! It´s so good to hear that I´m not alone with that feeling!
      xx Lisa


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