Falling In Love With Pink

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"Only girls like pink." Oh, how often I heard this sentence from a boy´s mouth when I was young. I´m a girl (obviously) and even though I liked playing with dolls and dressing up I also very much enjoyed climbing on trees outside or playing with Lego. From childhood on this didn´t change much. I´ve always been stuck between a tomboy and a girly girl. For the longest time I despised the colour pink because I could never identify with it. Pink was meant for girly girls only! Lately, I´ve kind of fallen in love with the colour though and here´s why.

It goes great with marble and rose gold

I´m a blogger and what can I say? I love rose gold and marble and pink goes so perfectly with both! I´ve bought this new watch from Asos and I absolutely adore it. It hasn´t left my arm ever since it arrived. Also pink decorations mixed with marble and rose gold make a room look so well put together and like I´ve put a real effort into decorating when in reality I´ve just mixed three of my favourite things together.

I´ve gotten used to it

The one reason why I almost didn´t move into this flat was one dusty pink wall in my room. Now after almost 3 years I actually really like that wall! It definitely makes my room look a little bit more welcoming and works so well with my whole colour scheme. So maybe just being confronted with my fear of pink for three years sorted me out.

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It makes me excited for spring

We´re in that stage of winter now where it´s just all sad and grey. There´s no more festivities to look forward to and snow is basically just a hassle. I could really do with spring right about now. Pink colours definitely bring that bit of spring into my home and wardrobe and make me feel a little bit happier!

It doesn´t make me look like a Barbie

I have blonde hair so for the longest time I associated pink on myself with looking like a Barbie. But the truth is I just don´t. If you wear pink with confidence and combine it well it can be such a stylish outfit that will make no-one think about a plastic doll! Mostly I like to wear one pink clothing item and keep the rest of my outfit very simple and classic. I then like to add some pink accessories like a watch to pull the outfit together. Nobody has told me yet that I look like a Barbie!

There´s not just neon pink

I still hate neon pink. It´s a great colour for highlighting text but it´s still not my colour. For years I´ve boycotted pink lipsticks as I assumed they always had to be neon pink which makes my teeth look yellow. In truth, there are so many different shades of pink! I´ve found one that fits my complexion and teeth wonderfully and I can´t stop wearing it. Same goes for clothes as well. I love a pastel or dusty pink as they are still quite understated but bring just a bit of brightness into my wardrobe.

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Have you seen pink shimmers?!

We´ve already established that I love makeup and right now I´m so in love with pink shimmers. Whether it´s on my eyes, on my lips or on my cheeks they´re just always so gorgeous! They make for such a great daily makeup that still brightens my complexion and make me look way more awake than I actually am. Also pink shimmers just scream spring!

It´s not just for girly girls

The one thing I told myself for years is just not true. Pink is for everyone! If you like it you should wear it and be proud of it! Don´t let a stupid stigma ruin your outfit or your mood. If you only like a certain shade of pink that´s fine too. Live your own life and don´t let it be determined by other people or what you think other people might think. To be honest, most people don´t automatically associate pink with Barbies or girly girls. Mostly they´ll just think that you look stunning in that outfit.

When I wrote "shades of pink" above it made me think so much of Dolores Umbridge. So maybe my hate for pink didn´t come from the stigma I felt around the colour but from my association of it with Umbridge. Who knows? At least I have overcome whatever it was and am now fully embracing pink in every aspect of my life! I can´t wait for spring to come around so I can wear even more pink.

Do you love or hate pink? What is your favourite shade of pink?


  1. it's so ironic that you created this post considering Ive been surrounded by so much pink lately, I assume its on trend but my studio in university is covered in it lately haha. Everyone seems to be on a pink craze and I love it. That watch looks so lovely! I so agree that you shouldn't go off a colour for a stereotype and I also have never taken to neon haha


    1. I´ve been surrounding myself with an awful lot of pink as well! Maybe we´re just both way too excited for spring?
      xx Lisa

  2. I actually love pink, it's my favourite colour. Everything looks better with a little touch of pink, either it is an outfit, decoration around the house,it just makes everything feel more romantic and sweet. I used to hate the pink outfit Umbridge wore and I remember thinking 'why a woman like her wears pink and everything around her is pink, I mean, she is evil, she cannot like pink'!!! Great post!x


    1. It´s quickly becoming my favourite colour as well! I totally agree that it makes everything look much better! Haha, yeah Umbridge wearing pink was quite the plot twist. How can a villain like her love such a bright & happy colour?!
      xx Lisa

  3. i was the same as a wee one, and went through phases when i thought all the toys designed for boys were so much better and then would play princesses for weeks afterwards. but you never need to choose one, which is good. and i only started fully liking pink again in my late teens, i think:-) all these items in your post look lovely, though! and, ugh, umbridge. xx

    1. I think I still go through these phases. Honestly, I´d still love to play with Lego, haha.
      xx Lisa

  4. I really like the pictures in this blogpost!


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