At the start of the year I said that I didn´t want to have any resolutions. My goal is rather looking back on 2017 and being happy about it in general (especially since 2016 was such a crappy year for me!). So when I was introduced to the NRS Healthcare #StayHappy2017 campaign it seemed like a perfect fit. Inspired by their suggestions I´ve set myself a little challenge of 10 things that are going to help me be more positive this year.

My Honest Daily Makeup Routine

Maybelline Brow Sculpting Mascara, Primark Eyelash Curler, Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, Maybelline Super Stay 24h Liquid Foundation, Benefit Rollerlash Mascara, Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist
I love makeup. Well, that should be obviously from this whole blog. But the truth is I don´t wear as much makeup as you´d expect from someone who is so obsessed with it. Honestly, I value my sleep way too much and I could never get up an hour early just to put more paint on my face. I´ve recently seen a few videos where bigger bloggers share their daily makeup and I was left in awe of how long they spent on it every morning. So to contradict those videos a bit I thought I´d show you the everyday makeup of a 20-year-old university student that only spends about 15 minutes in front of the mirror each morning.

How Theories of Time Management Can Help You

Asks Watch Gold, Marble, Pink; Primark Necklace; fresh flowers
In one of the many Twitter chats I´ve been a part of we somehow got into the topic of Time Management. It´s a metaskill that helps you organize and structure your work so that you´ll be super efficient. It seems like it´s one of those skills that some people have and others just don´t. But that´s not true. In my studies I had two lectures on what we call Work and Organizational Psychology which is focused on businesses, their structures and the happiness of their workers. I was taught a lot about time management as well including these four theories that are actually really easy to implement in your everyday work. And I promise they can work for everyone!

5 Beauty Products That Disappointed Me

Zoella Wonder Hand Moisturizing Hand Cream, Primark Gold Rings, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish
I´ll admit it: I get so tempted by bloggers to buy beauty products I really don´t need. If one of my favourite bloggers recommends it there´a very high chance that product will land in my shopping basket some time soon. Guessing from how hyped some products get I guess we´re all a bit guilty of that. But in the end we´re all different and therefore the same product can work very differently for us. We´ve all bought a very hyped beauty product just to find out that it´s not as amazing as we thought it would be. Here are 5 beauty products that disappointed me.

A Day With Anxiety

Riverside with stones, Donau, Ulm
I´ve talked about this quite a lot on Twitter before and mentioned it a few times on this blog as well: I have anxiety disorders. Yep, multiple ones. I know first hand how stupid anxious thoughts can be and how irrational they often get. I´m lucky that I have a very good support system in my family and that my parents try really hard to understand what´s going on in my mind. But it´s hard. It´s so hard for someone to understand these thoughts if you´ve never experienced anything like it. It´s hard to see what it does to your mind. So I picked a day last week and noted down all the thoughts that my anxiety caused over the course of that day. Maybe this´ll help to understand what goes on in the head of someone with anxiety.

Disclaimer: This post might trigger anxious thoughts or anxiety attacks!

Falling In Love With Pink

Asks Watch, Loreal Perfect Match Highlighter, Benefit Rollerlash Mascara, Catrice All About Rose Palette
"Only girls like pink." Oh, how often I heard this sentence from a boy´s mouth when I was young. I´m a girl (obviously) and even though I liked playing with dolls and dressing up I also very much enjoyed climbing on trees outside or playing with Lego. From childhood on this didn´t change much. I´ve always been stuck between a tomboy and a girly girl. For the longest time I despised the colour pink because I could never identify with it. Pink was meant for girly girls only! Lately, I´ve kind of fallen in love with the colour though and here´s why.

Slowly Falling

Trees with frost on blue sky
Recently I´ve been really appreciating that I can enjoy art so much. I know physically all humans are able to see a painting, read a poem or listen to music but I´ve felt so thankful that I can really appreciate those things. Does anyone feel like that too? Especially music is something I´ve been enjoying lately (which might have been sparked by Ed Sheehan releasing his new singles). So I thought it´d be only fair to share a new playlist with you guys. This is one I´ve been listening to constantly.

Are Gel-Like Nail Polishes Worth Their Money?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, Manhattan Super Gel Nail Polish, Essie Gel Coutue Nail Polish
Painting your nails is a hassle. There, I´ve said it. I hate doing my nails... But then I love how they look with a great colour on. So I fight my way through a nail polish procedure about two times a week. In the past year or so gel-like nail polishes have been popping up from many brands promising up to 14 days of perfect wear. That would surely make my life a lot easier! So guess how intrigued I was by the concept of long-lasting nail polishes that work without UV-light. I´ve gone and bought gel-like nail polishes from three different brands and thoroughly tested them all.