Christmas Market Inspiration: Tollwood Winterfestival

I think I´ve pretty much established my love for Christmas markets by now. Ever since I moved down to Bavaria for my studies I´ve made it a little tradition to go to Munich during the festive season. In Munich there is a lovely market that streams through the whole city (which you can see in my Munich Christmas Market 2014 and Munich Christmas Market 2015 posts) but also there is the Tollwood Winterfestival which I always list as one of my favourite Christmas markets. This year I took my parents with me and I´m happy to say they loved it just as much as I did.

Instead of talking on and on about my experience (which I´ve done in the two previous years, links are at the top) I thought I´d just list all the reasons why Tollwood is one of my favourite Christmas markets:
- the diversity of people you can see
- the massive tents which allow you to enjoy the Christmas market spirit while being warm
- the extraordinary stands which you won´t see at any other Christmas market
- all the food & drinks are organic
- there´s more food than you could ever want to try (& plenty veggie/vegan options!)
- it inspires a bit of critical thinking with their messages spread around
- the massive Christmas tree which is made out of a different material each year
- people seem more relaxed, friendly and open
- there´s a long list of events that are happening
- every stall has extraordinary decorations

I will say that it felt weird walking around a Christmas market after what just happened in Berlin. But my parents are right in saying that we shouldn´t get too scared to leave the house now. This was one incident and no matter how shocking and terrible it has been it is unlikely that anything like this is to happen in the next few weeks. This was just one thing that happened during a horrific year and hopefully with this chapter being closed soon we can all move on to a more peaceful life.

I´m terribly sorry for everyone who was hurt (mentally or physically) that night and for everyone who lost someone close to them! My heart goes out to all of you!


  1. It is so sad when you think all those people who lost their lives and it is scary to think that it can happen to anyone. I love Christmas markets too and fortunately we have a few here that we get to visit every Christmas! x


    1. Yes, I totally agree! It´s all so sad and terrifying but I´m determined to enjoy Christmas markets despite what happened!
      xx Lisa


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