A Christmas Walk

view of Ulm with the M√ľnster and a few branches
2016 is the year in which I realized I actually really like taking walks (unless they involve me climbing up a hill). We´ve been treated to such a mild year and even though it is getting really cold now I still really like my walks. There´s something so special about morning walks in winter! When the frost (or snow) is still nestled on the ground and branches; the sun up in the sky but not yet strong enough to melt the ice away; rarely any people coming your way; your breath being visible in front of your eyes; Jack Frost nibbling on your nose. So come on this little Christmas walk with me.

I´m pretty lucky as my university is located on top of a hill so I can easily incorporate a gorgeous walk into my way home. On this particular day last week I had a very early appointment at uni and went home when it was still early in the morning. I got the most stunning view of the city with the dusk of the night still hovering over it. Also the sky was so blue! I´m absolutely in love with the frost that we´ve been getting almost every morning now. Even though I love snow the frost just looks so crisp and shiny and even lasts a while in the sunshine.

Tree Branches with Apples and Frost in front of a blue sky

Trees covered in white frost

Tree Branches with frost agains a blue sky

View of Ulm from Eselsberg with a blue sky

A branch with green leaves covered in frost in front of more branches and a blue sky

View of Ulm from the university

View of Ulm from Eselsberg with a dusky blue sky

Walk in a forest with frost all over the trees and a blue sky

The perfect walk in my opinion features a stunning view (check), is mostly even or downhill (check) and it lasts just long enough to make you very excited for the warmth of your home but not yet freezing (check)! Also there´s nothing better than taking my camera on a walk. I can feel myself slowing down due to all the picture opportunities whereas without a camera I´d probably just power walk the whole way. What I really like about this particular route downhill is the fact that it joins a bigger street after about 40 minutes so I can decide if I´d like to continue walking (which would take me another hour) or if I´d rather take the bus for my way home.

Blueberries with frost

Tree branch with brown leaves and frost

Single tree branch on ground with frost and a blurry view of blue sky

Tree branches with red and brown leaves and frost

View down the Eselsberg, Ulm with blue sky

View downhill with trees and frosty branches

Walkway downhill lined by trees covered in frost

frosty tree branches against the sun

Does anyone else notice the calming effect of walks? I was feeling pretty nervous and just generally overloaded before taking this walk but when I got home I was just feeling so content about everything. I think a walk is the best thing you can do even on a very lazy dy as it´ll instantly make you feel like you did something productive. I honestly can´t recommend a Christmas morning walk enough, it´ll give you the perfect start to your day!

What is something you realized you liked in 2016? If you take walks regularly do you have a favourite route?


  1. What a gorgeous post, such stunning photos! xx


    1. Thank you so much, lovely!
      xx Lisa

  2. I love taking walks, I agree with what you say. They are so relaxing and refreshing. Your photos are beautiful, I would love if you could check out my walks post http://www.harrietday.com/2016/12/winter-walks-ootd.html

    1. Thank you! I really love my walks nowadays. As a child I used to hate them though, haha.
      xx Lisa

  3. These are great photos!



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