A Headline A Month - 2016 Reflection

frost on tree branches against blue sky
It´s nearing the end of the year (why does it always sound crazy to say that?!) which means it´s time to reflect on what has happened in the past 12 months. Honestly, I feel like the year flew by but at the same time January feels so far away. I don´t even know what I did in January before I checked my calendar. It´s like in those videos that speed up every time you say "end of the month". I thought I´d spice up my reflection of 2016 and sum up every month with a headline that perfectly describes what happened to me.

Christmas Market Inspiration: Tollwood Winterfestival

I think I´ve pretty much established my love for Christmas markets by now. Ever since I moved down to Bavaria for my studies I´ve made it a little tradition to go to Munich during the festive season. In Munich there is a lovely market that streams through the whole city (which you can see in my Munich Christmas Market 2014 and Munich Christmas Market 2015 posts) but also there is the Tollwood Winterfestival which I always list as one of my favourite Christmas markets. This year I took my parents with me and I´m happy to say they loved it just as much as I did.

Christmas Market Inspiration: Augsburg

As you know I love my Christmas markets. Living in Germany has its perk as there is a Christmas market in every city (no matter how small it is). I basically have to restrain myself from going to every single one around here. This year my friends and I decided to visit one that is on many lists of the most beautiful German Christmas markets. So on Sunday we took the train and strolled around the Christmas market in Augsburg.

A Christmas Walk

view of Ulm with the M√ľnster and a few branches
2016 is the year in which I realized I actually really like taking walks (unless they involve me climbing up a hill). We´ve been treated to such a mild year and even though it is getting really cold now I still really like my walks. There´s something so special about morning walks in winter! When the frost (or snow) is still nestled on the ground and branches; the sun up in the sky but not yet strong enough to melt the ice away; rarely any people coming your way; your breath being visible in front of your eyes; Jack Frost nibbling on your nose. So come on this little Christmas walk with me.

Christmas Market Inspiration: DIY

Handmade Cinnamon Soaps wrapped in white-and-red
Whenever I´m lost for someone´s Christmas gift I always go around my local Christmas market and browse the stalls. There are always so many amazing handmade things on offer. I´m also very much a fan of personal gifts. When my sister and I were younger our Mom would help us create the most amazing handmade gifts for our family. One year we made cookies and decorated the jars or another year we crafted personalized key rings. So how could I leave out Christmassy DIYs when bringing the spirit of Christmas into my own home?! All these Christmas DIYs could make great gifts for friends but also an easy yet meaningful gift for aunts, uncles and the likes.

Christmas Market Inspiration: Music

bauble decoration on Christmas market huts
In my opinion any good Christmas market has to have Christmas songs playing from speakers all day long. What better way is there to get everyone into the festive spirit?! Christmas music just makes me so happy. The songs are all easy to learn and sing along to and more often than not I get them stuck in my head all day. Also as I said, this is definitely the easiest way to get into the festive spirit. So I took to my trusty 3-year-old Christmas playlist that now features over 90 songs and I chose my 22 favourite songs. These songs should not be missing at any Christmas party!

Christmas Market Inspiration: Ulm

Reindeer decoration on top of huts with lights by its sides
She could smell it from afar; the spices, the chocolate and the general smell of christmas. She could hear children cheering, people chattering and the slightest hint of Christmas music. A smile formed on her lips as she entered the Christmas market.

Christmas Market Inspiration: Food

Vegan Churros and Non-dairy Crepes with firelight
One thing I love about Christmas markets is all the food. It´s just so convenient and always so delicious. I probably spend way too much money on food in December (oops). Unfortunately, there´s only ever a small selection of food for me as I´m dairy intolerant. Our local Christmas market only has one vegetarian/vegan stall that is super expensive, so I mostly end up just eating fries and/or Bratwurst. Still food is such an important part of Christmas markets that I thought I´d turn two of my favourite snacks into non-dairy/vegan recipes. That way everyone can have a bit of Christmas at home. Also these make your home smell delicious!