Christmas Jumper Wishlist

Christmas Jumpers from Asos, Primark and Boohoo
I have never owned a Christmas jumper. Shocker, right? The closest I got to buying one was last year but then they didn´t have any of the jumpers I wanted in my size (maybe because I was a little late on the 20th, oops!). This year I´m pretty determined though. I want to spend all three Christmas days in a Christmas jumper, I don't care what the cost. Also I´m going to justify this by saying that Christmas jumpers are kind of an investment. You only wear them for a month per year so they´ll probably last me a good while (or until next year). I´ve gone into the depths of the internet & found nine jumpers that absolutely stole my heart.

Christmas Jumpers from Asos, Primark & Boohoo

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

I´ve found the best selection of jumpers on Boohoo for sure. Everywhere else I kind of had to be lucky to find one I liked out of the few jumpers on offer. Choosing the right jumper is difficult because it´s meant to be tacky but not too tacky to be worn (if you know what I mean). I have ordered the Penguin Christmas jumper & the cream/white one in my Black Friday debacle with Boohoo (you can read it all on my Twitter) and I´m very excited for them to arrive at my door!

Do you have a favourite Christmas jumper? Or are you still looking for the perfect one like I am?

Christmas Market Inspiration: Drinks

Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine & Vegan Hot Chocolate
I´m a big lover of Christmas markets (as can be proven by my blog every December). I just love the atmosphere, the food, the smells, the little huts and that it means Christmas is finally near. However, there are a few downsides. Personally I don´t like the masses of (drunk) people, there is rarely any non-dairy food or drinks that I can enjoy and quite honestly, it´s always freezing cold. So I thought this year I´d bring the Christmas markets to my home. Over the next few weeks I´ll be sharing recipes & diy´s so that you can get the Christmas market atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. Today we´re starting off with drinks!

Beauty Spending Ban - 1 Month Update

Sleek Solstice Palette; Zoella Handcream; Urban Decay Vice Lipstick; Benefit Rollerlash Mascara; on autumnal background
So I´ve been on my Beauty Spending Ban for almost a month now. First off, this month has just flown by.  I feel like I´ve just gotten back to uni yesterday when in fact it´s been over five weeks now. Maybe that´s why  I´ve not struggled as much as I thought I would but more on that later. First, let´s discuss how I went about the month and if/what I actually bought.

I went into the month pretty naive. I knew I had stocked up on most of my beauty essentials and I thought I´d just not go into any drugstores and that was it. Well, let me say there´s definitely more temptation for beauty products around than you´d think. Being in the Bloggerverse is very dangerous as there´s always someone raving about a new product. Also watching tv is not helping as ads are the devil. However, after now almost one month of ignoring all my desires to go out and buy new beauty products I think I´ve built up some kind of barrier. At least it feels much easier for me now.

What I bought this month: 1 bottle of dry shampoo (€2,45)

Reasons why I´ve been tempted this month:
- Planning Christmas gifts for friends
- Walking along the window of a drugstore
- Ads

Reasons why I´ve resisted this month:
- stressful time/not much time to stroll around shops
- not going out of the house much
- watching Netflix instead of tv (no ads)
- It´s great to be able to put something on my Christmas wishlist
- seeing products getting emptier is actually fun

I must say so far I´ve really enjoyed this spending ban. I thought this would be much more complicated. Obviously the stress I´ve had recently also helped me a lot and my wish list is ever growing. Maybe once I´m used to this whole not spending much thing I might allow myself to buy a treat once in a while. I will say that this month I have noticed that I did spent an unusual amount of money on food. Is this my kind of compensation technique?! I´m really interested to see if this will get easier or harder in December. I do have my advent calendar but I´ll also be actively going into a drugstore to buy some presents which sounds dangerous. I´m excited though!

Fantastic Beast & Where to Find Them - Review (spoiler-free)

movie ticket Fantastic Beasts; autumnal background
I love movies, I do with all of my heart. I have no more space in my shelves for more DVDs yet I can never refrain myself from buying more. However, somehow I never get around seeing them in the theatre. So imagine how thrilled I was when my friends decided to go see Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them. Harry Potter was my childhood; I just adore this magical world. Going out of the theatre I had so many thoughts that I wanted to share, so I´m skipping the post I had planned for today and instead am giving you a review of Fantastic Beasts. Also there´ll be almost no spoilers ahead!

A Whole New Look With

Clifford Wayfarer Glasses;; autumnal background
As you might have noticed I am wearing glasses. Me getting glasses was quite inevitable as both my parents also have very bad eyesight. It all started back in 2009 with my first pair of glasses. I was only supposed to wear them whenever I needed it but I quickly noticed that I really liked the look of them on my face (besides the better eyesight). Everyone who owns glasses knows what a pain it is to actually chose a pair and how expensive they are. So you can imagine my excitement when the lovely Catherine from reached out to me and offered me a pair of their glasses.

What Is Your Blog´s Brand?

Paperbacks Notebook on colorful leaves
When I did my internship I had the opportunity to create a few powerpoint slides for an upcoming seminar. This also meant a ton of research in the field of consumer psychology wish was really interesting. Especially this Ted Talk by Morgan Spurlock got me thinking. He has is personal brand (aka himself) defined at one point which I found so intriguing. So far I´d only seen my blog´s brand as being myself and I had never thought I could define it in a "classic" way. So I went and did a little research to find out my blog´s brand.

Autumn/Winter Essentials

Autumn Winter Essentials full look
The whole blogger community seemed especially excited for autumn to come this year. I was really excited too until I realised that also meant it was getting really cold really quick - why not read my Fall Fever post with all the reasons I love autumn? Also now that it´s November and we´ve crossed that magic threshold to Christmas I can´t resist listening to my Christmas playlist #notashamed. Winter is also definitely on its way which unfortunately means it´s only getting colder and darker. But don´t worry I have figured out a few ways to enjoy these seasons nonetheless and embrace their beauty. Today I´m sharing my autumn and winter essentials.

Beauty Spending Ban

I´ve never actually seen the film Shopaholic but with my behaviour lately I could easily play the main character. The amount of money I spent on beauty products (especially makeup) has gotten ridiculous. Even though I just got a job and therefore will not have to worry about money this just can´t go on the same way. I honestly own enough beauty products for at least three lives but instead of using products I already own I keep buying more and more. This. Has. To. Stop!