Five Favourite Neutral Palettes

I´m very much of a neutral girl. Whether it´s fashion or make up, you´ll probably see me rocking a very neutral look (& maybe a bold lip). When it comes to eyeshadows I barely own any shades that don´t fall into the neutral spectrum. Because I have green eyes I feel like these shades really enhance my eyes. In all honestly, I´m also not brave enough to wear bolder make up looks. In general, I barely own any single eyeshadows; I´m a fan of palettes instead. They just come in handy for traveling, all the shades go together well and they are just pretty to look at.

The Opposite of Loneliness

When I realized I was way behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge for this year I thought I´d use the wider choice of bookshops in Cologne to find a new book. In store one book just immediately spoke to me. The Opposite of Loneliness is an inconspicuous looking book with its simple cover but something about the title intrigued me. Honestly, when people talk about the books that changed them I was always worried because I couldn´t put more than one book on my list. However, now I can at least list two because The Opposite of Loneliness is definitely a book that had a massive impact on my life.

Keep Me Calm

Or: My Experience with Progressive Muscle Relaxation

My mind is a crazy place. It never stops, there´s just always something to worry about. Hence, why I have anxiety. It was always like this and in my teens I had trouble falling asleep, so my Dad recommended Autogenous Training. Well, that was a big flop. I didn´t really believe in how it would work and my limbs just failed to feel heavy. Years later, my therapist taught me Progressive Muscle Relaxation and it has changed my life.

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics - Worth the Hype?

This is finally a makeup party I´m not too late too. Well, maybe a little late as everyone is already raving about this palette. Sadly, I hat to wait one and a half weeks longer than everyone else to get this palette because that´s when the German release date was (living here is hard when it comes to beauty products!). Waiting was the hardest part for me. Imagine me not-so-patiently clicking my nails on the table ever since the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette was introduced in August. I was so excited when it finally arrived at my door about two weeks ago!

Little Habits to Improve Your Daily Life

As much as we like to think it, even people on Instagram don´t lead the perfect lives. It´s what everyone wants though, isn´t it? Getting up early, working out, eating well, having an exciting and productive day, going to bed early, repeat. Ah, how I wish my life would look like this! I´ve compiled a list of 10 little habits that can improve your daily life so that you´ll come a bit closer to the dream. I´ll definitely be using these in the upcoming months as I go back to uni soon and that always messes with my life a lot.

A Beginner´s Guide to Makeup

A few months back, Lily from Pint Sized Beauty blogged about her favourites for starting up a makeup collection. It made me think of the time I first tried out makeup when I was around 13. I learned everything then from my Mom who honestly is no beauty guru. I wish I had known about blogs and Youtube back then. Then I´d have known that yellow eyeshadow doesn´t look good on anyone, especially not if your foundation is more orange than the Blogger sign.

Cologne Photo Diary

I´ve spent the past eight weeks doing an internship in Cologne. "But why?" you might ask as Cologne is neither where I go to uni nor where my parents live. Well, that´s all a longer story but in very short: The only place that offered me the internship I need for my studies was the University of Cologne. Honestly, I´m so happy nobody else wanted me! I´ve had an amazing time, always felt really welcome and appreciated and was able to get a look into the real life of working in scientific research (which is highly interesting!). Also I got more than one chance to stroll around Cologne in beautiful weather and as the blogger I am, I took a ton of pictures I want to share with you.