Trying Primark Cosmetics Once Again

Whenever I go into Primark (which honestly isn´t that often) they seem to have released a whole bunch of new beauty products. As the make up addict that I am I obviously can´t resist. Most of the time I pay more for beauty products than for clothes (how is that even possible?!). I´m always up for trying new beauty products especially when you could find a super bargain. So on the hunt for some new bargains I walked out of Primark with a few new products in my bag.

Strobe Highlighter Trio
As about every blogger right now I am currently obsessed with highlighter. Honestly, the look of this trio is a bloggers dream with rose gold script on white, simple pencils. Naturally I was drawn to it. The highlighter pencils come in three colours: rose, golden and sand. I was really intrigued by the idea of pencil highlighter and the variety of colours in this trio. The pay off is wonderful and they feel really soft when applying. However, I don´t seem to be capable of truly blending them on my face. I have to apply too much pressure and it feels more like I´m smudging my whole make up around. Additionally, they separate from my foundation whenever I sweat (which is likely with the weather lately). They do go back to "normal" once my face dries again but that´s definitely something to keep in mind. Also they´re quite subtle for highlighters once you manage to blend them. I don´t think they´re totally bad but they´re definitely more for someone who´s experimenting with highlighting. If your already in love with it, I suggest you spent a bit more money.

Longlasting Lip Liner Pen in Red Carpet Red
This lipliner looks like a fine liner or an eyeliner and therefore it very much intrigued ne. It even has the felt tip (which is kind of soft though). I love the red colour but sadly, I couldn´t find the lipstick that goes with it. I have to admit the display was very much trashed when I got there, so there could be a lipstick matching this colour. However, I tried this pen for my whole lip which didn´t go so well. It´s a very fine felt tip which makes a precise appliance so very easy (unless you want to fill your lips out). The outline also never smudged, it didn´t stain anything and I almost couldn´t get it off at the end of the day. But on the whole lip it felt sticky, transferred to my chin and teeth, looked patchy, and smudged around. If you´re lucky enough to find a lipstick in a matching colour, then this is definitely worth checking out. Just don´t plan on wearing it instead of a lipstick.

Metals Nail Polish in Gravity
Again this packaging is a bloggers dream (Primark really nails that!) with it being rose gold and reflective. My experience with this nail polish hasn´t been the best so far. The brush is tiny and askew which makes applying it very hard. The colour is more of a pink metallic than rose gold and it goes on very streaky. It chips off after about a day even with a topcoat. Honestly, this stinks worse than any other nail polish I own. But there´s a big but: I´ve expected all those things as I´ve tried out Primark nail polishes before. It´s the metallic aspect that really interested me and I think they´ve nailed that. I do believe this will be really great for a festival, a night out or any other event where you want your nails to shine. I see metallic nails more of a one night/weekend trend as well.

Oval Brush
I´ve seen these brushes (or similar ones) all over Instagram  and I just wanted to try out if I liked them. Honestly, I fell completely in love. This brush is so soft! If that wasn´t enough it also blends my make up really fast and really easily. I don´t think my make up ever looked this natural and well blended. Also I love the sleek design of the brush. There are a few things which aren´t perfect (the handle is too flexible in my opinion and it eats a lot of product) but for a start I can totally see past them. This was amazing for trying out if I even liked these kinds of brushes (which I very much do!), so I´ll definitely check out oval brushes from other brands now.

I feel like this time around I grabbed a bunch of great products. They´re not perfect in any way (which I wouldn´t expect from this price range anyway) but they´re all lovely in some aspect. I do love Primark cosmetics range for trying out different products without breaking the bank. I know I´ll definitely get some more oval brushes! If you´ve got any recommendations for those, leave them below.


  1. Primark is very hit and miss when it comes to makeup, the strobe trio sounds amazing though!

    Parie x

  2. I've wanted to try the brush for AGES but its never in my local primark! I find the same problem with other strobe creams which is why I'm not a huge fan. The price is worth experimenting though :-)

    Teri xx

  3. Great to have you back blogging Lisa! Love the sound of the brush, great review hun xx


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