First Impression NYX Cosmetics

Ever since I bought my first NYX Soft Matte Cream last Christmas I´ve been dying to try out more of their products. Well guess what, NYX Cosmetics is now available in drugstores here in Germany. I honestly couldn´t be more excited! On the release day I was clawing at the door of my local dm before they even opened. I was basically the crazy girl at a Bieber concert. The NYX counter was also very packed with girls screaming at each other which made it feel even more like some kind of concert. Still I managed to grab a few things which I tried out over the past week.

HD Photogenic Concealer Wand in 02 Fair
First off, I was amazed by the selection of shades for this concealer. The lightest one was a bit too light even for me. I´ve never had that with any concealer. I´m a fan of the classic and sleek packaging of this concealer. It´s also a bit smaller than any other concealer I own which makes it perfect for throwing in your bag. The wand is kind of stiff and a lot harder than the usual doe foot applicators which is something I had to get used to. The concealer has a really creamy formula that blends very easily and makes it last all day without going patchy. I also haven´t noticed it clinging to any dry patches and it feels very lightweight. Because it´s such a light shade and a lightweight, fluid formula it doesn´t have as much coverage as other concealers. However I really love that it dries completely matte in comparison to other concealers. This concealer is making a hard run for my favourite concealer of all time.

High Definition Blush in Intuition
I was on the hunt for a darker blush more fitted for autumn. This is a lovely dusty pink with gold glitter. I´ve been getting a few compliments on this, so I think it really fits me. I can only repeat myself with the packaging of these products. I love the tiny little bow detail on this blush and its literally tiny, so it fits in any make up bag. The colour pay off with this is honestly so good, I have to be really careful with my brush. This also lasts all day on my face and that with it being such a hot summer weather here recently.  I haven´t found this as easy to blend out as I´ve found other blushes but a soft brush will definitely do the trick. The texture is beautifully soft because the glitter in this is tiny. It´s almost more like a shimmer on my cheeks. As you can probably tell I absolutely adore this blush as well.

Super Skinny Eye Marker
Again this eyeliner has a very classic and sleek packaging which I like. The felt tip on this is honestly so super skinny. I have slightly hooded eyes and therefore can´t really wear big eyeliners. Which then agains means I have to throw away eyeliners after half of their lifetime because the skinny tip always dries out the fastest. With this one I haven´t had any problems so far. The whole tip is so skinny that I´m sure I can use it until it´s empty. This also makes for such a precise application. I´ve never done a thin cat eye this well! I also love that the colour is truly black. I´ve only noticed this smudging if I blinked before it has completely dried or when my eyes water too much. But I can´t really blame having really watery eyes on the eyeliner. I´m so in love with this eyeliner. I feel like it´s one of the best and most precise I´ve ever tried.

Wonder Stick in Light/Medium
I love the idea of one product combining highlight and contour that are matched to each other. The contour end on this stick has a rounded tip while the highlighter end has more of a sharp edge. Both are cream-based and therefore not completely matte which is lovely. The cream formula feels really soft on the skin and has a great lasting power. I still have to figure out how to contour and how to blend cream products properly but that´s besides the point. I was really skeptical towards a semi matte highlight. However, this one is absolutely lovely. I have found it really makes my cheeks pop and it also works to enhance any highlighter you put on top of it and makes them last way longer. I´ve found myself fooling around with contour more since I got this, so that´s a great sign. I think the colour fits my skin tone really well and so far I haven´t looked like a teenager applying blush too low. So this is a total win for me!

Lip Lingerie in 08 Bedtime Flirt
For the past year I´ve been a huge fan of nude lips and when I found a whole range of matte nude fluid lipstick, I had to get one. I got this really nude brown which is kind of a Kylie colour. I also think the packaging is very similar to Kylies Lipglosses but I like it. However, this has been so disappointing for me. It creases incredibly fast, stays kind of sticky on my lips, looks almost flakey on my lips and some parts of it are gone as soon as you take a bite from anything. It gets even worse when you try correcting it with a second layer. Also with it being sticky it felt really uncomfortable and drying on my lips. I was dying to get it off when I got home after work. It´s really disappointing for me because all the other shades looked so beautiful as well.

from left to right WonderStick Contour & Highlight, Super Skinny Eye Marker, Concealer, Lip Lingerie, Blush

Overall my love for NYX as a brand definitely has been strengthened by these products. The only thing I´ll be staying away from are the Lip Lingeries. Still, guess what counter I´ll be going to way too regularly now. My bank account is definitely not a fan of this. But I´m already thinking of trying out one of their foundations as my current one is almost empty. If you´ve got any recommendations, leave them in the comments. Another big plus for me is that NYX is a cruelty-free brand, so yay to buying a lot without a bad conscience. (I´m just choosing to ignore that their parent company isn´t cruelty-free)


  1. I have quite a few of the Lip Lingeries and I love them, such a shame you didn't feel the same about them!

    Emily xo

    1. Oh no, I so wish I could love them too. Maybe I´ll get a second one just to see how I get on with it, maybe I just got a bad one or my lips are weird, haha.
      xx Lisa

  2. I love the NYX lingerie liquid lipstick in the colour bedtime flirt! It's gorgeous. I also have the shade exotic which is perfect for the autumn.

    I want to try more of the NYX make-up, there is so much to chose from! Great post, very informative.

    Love Amber - xx

    1. Thank you. They have such amazing shades for nude lips!
      Same over here. I could spend all my money on NYX right now, haha
      xx Lisa

  3. Lovely products.<333
    New outfit is online...


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