I´ve just celebrated my third blogging anniversary (which is totally crazy, btw) and if I´ve learned one thing about us bloggers it´s that we are weird people. Honestly, we´d rather spend our friday night in a bath, listening to 90´s music and chatting with people we´ve never met on Twitter than going clubbing. Or maybe that´s just me... One thing we all have in common though are those little problems concerning blogging. You know, the things that basically control our lives and drive us mad every time. My phone has suffered more throws than it should have because of them.

Eating Cold Food (again)
We bloggers document almost all of our lives on social media. Sharing our food over on Instagram is therefore a must, especially when we´ve made an effort. But often it takes a long time and almost a hundred shots to get that one picture that´s worthy being published. By then more often than not your food is cold. At least you got a lot of likes for that one pic though!

Taking Pictures of Everything
Photography is definitely a big part of our blogs and therefore our lives. So what if we stop every 10 steps because from this perspective the shot is totally transformed. We´ve basically gotten used the constant shouting of "come on!" and the complementary eye roll. One of my friends recently even asked me "Don´t you want to take some pictures for your blog?" when we went out for a brunch.

Too Many Ideas
Who would complain about feeling super inspired? Bloggers would. It´s always hard to decide which idea to put up first and then to wait until the post actually goes live. Sometimes we just want to publish everything right away. But that wouldn´t be great for blog traffic, would it? Also most of the times your fingers can´t type fast enough for your thoughts which ends up in mess of spelling errors and those are damn hard to sort out later.

Feeling Guilty About Not Communicating Enough
In our lovely blogger-verse communication is key. We share everything with other bloggers and are happy to discuss the most unimportant things in detail. Honestly, there are so many lovely blogger friends to make out there. But when live takes over and we have to leave the blogger-verse for a while we all go on a serious guilt trip. Missing twitter chats, not being able to read and comment on other blogs and not double tapping that selfie of our friends is the end of the world for us. Also it´s very weird that when we come back, it´s like we didn´t miss a thing.

Accidentally Publishing
Once a post is written up it´s basically perfect, right? Haha, no! There´s a fear living in all of us bloggers of accidentally publishing our raw piece without the witty comment or that relatable line. When this does happen, the world breaks down for us. Even worse when you don´t notice right away and then it´s up for everyone to read! *gasp*

Forgetting That Amazing Idea
We bloggers are creative people and we get ideas from anywhere which also means we get ideas in every situation. Remember that amazing idea you had last night right before sleep? Yep, me neither. Some of us are intelligent enough to carry a notebook with them at all times but the others are driven crazy once they forget an idea.

Well, money is a problem for a lot of people but for bloggers it´s a serious issue. There are just too many things out there that we want to try. Our beauty, fashion and adventure wish lists are too long for Santa to ever fulfill them all. But we´d rather live on jam and toast for a whole month than to miss that new release.

Too Many Pictures
The right shot can make or break a post. So we end up taking hundreds of pictures and then choosing about two that are worth publishing. This is not only a pain when sorting through all pictures but also with storage. I constantly run out of storage on my SD card and don´t even get me started on my phone.

The Waiting Game
Beauty bloggers especially like trying out new make up for reviews. The hard part though is waiting until you´ve taken all the necessary shots before you can even touch anything. Honestly, this is exercising my patience on a whole new level. This gets even harder when winter comes and you have to wait three weeks before the light is good enough to get a decent shot.

Now, don´t get me wrong, working with brands is great and has a lot of benefits for bloggers and brands and the brands I´ve worked with so far have all been great. However, even I as a smaller blogger have received some pretty stupid emails. Some are just plain rude, other´s don´t seem to think further than their next step. Even if you send me the same email a second time that still won´t change the fact that you don´t ship to Germany (ugh!).

With blogging "just" being our hobby, bloggers lead very busy lives. But bloggers also got their priorities right. Who cares if your flat is cleaned or if you got that essay done in time as long as you wrote that killer post? Our blog are probably our one true loves so we actually can´t be blamed for this.

I sure have experienced all of these problems and it has driven me absolutely insane. I do really think bloggers are weird people because we have problems like this. But I love you all because of it since I´m just as weird as you (or maybe even a bit weirder). Also if you really want to have a laugh or relate to someone, I highly recommend scrolling through #bloggerproblems on Twitter. It´s a lot of fun!


  1. Oh my gosh I can tick all of these off! The one that I could most connect with is the communication one - I feel terrible if I haven't been on Twitter for a while or if I haven't been posting on insta as much!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

  2. I definitely take way too many photos haha! It takes up all my storage on my phone!

    Abigail Alice x

  3. I want to buy everything my favorite bloggers use and it's a PROBLEM haha!

    Not Your Type Blog

  4. Such a true post. ;-)
    New outfit is online...

  5. Lol, yes to pretty much all of these! Especially the taking photos of food - drives my husband crazy! Great post! x

  6. Haha the taking photos one!! Everyone always tells me off for instagram-ing literally everything! Great post xx

  7. This is to true! It's coming up to my 1st anniversary writing my current blog but I have been doing others blogs when I was little! It's nice sometimes to feel I'm not alone with these problems haha x


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