Fall Fever

or: All The Reasons Why I Love Autumn

Thursday (aka today as I´m writing this) marks the calendric start of autumn. Fun fact, this is also the day of the Autumn Equinox meaning the sun passes over the equator and day and night are exactly the same length. Ever since the end of August there haven been Twitter chats, fashion trends and just general conversations that have made me so excited for autumn to finally come. I usually like to pride myself with being a pretty basic white girl, however when it comes to autumn I can´t be as basic as I want. PSLs are not vegan, candles give me headaches and I don´t have a bathtub. Can I get some pity, please? Still, I think there are so many more things in autumn that can be exciting. Here´s a list of some!

First Impression NYX Cosmetics

Ever since I bought my first NYX Soft Matte Cream last Christmas I´ve been dying to try out more of their products. Well guess what, NYX Cosmetics is now available in drugstores here in Germany. I honestly couldn´t be more excited! On the release day I was clawing at the door of my local dm before they even opened. I was basically the crazy girl at a Bieber concert. The NYX counter was also very packed with girls screaming at each other which made it feel even more like some kind of concert. Still I managed to grab a few things which I tried out over the past week.


I´ve just celebrated my third blogging anniversary (which is totally crazy, btw) and if I´ve learned one thing about us bloggers it´s that we are weird people. Honestly, we´d rather spend our friday night in a bath, listening to 90´s music and chatting with people we´ve never met on Twitter than going clubbing. Or maybe that´s just me... One thing we all have in common though are those little problems concerning blogging. You know, the things that basically control our lives and drive us mad every time. My phone has suffered more throws than it should have because of them.

Trying Primark Cosmetics Once Again

Whenever I go into Primark (which honestly isn´t that often) they seem to have released a whole bunch of new beauty products. As the make up addict that I am I obviously can´t resist. Most of the time I pay more for beauty products than for clothes (how is that even possible?!). I´m always up for trying new beauty products especially when you could find a super bargain. So on the hunt for some new bargains I walked out of Primark with a few new products in my bag.