Studying Psychology - Was it Worth it?

I was about 17 years old and really interested in everything my educational science teacher told us;  that´s when I made the decision to study Psychology. I was interested in Freud, Erikson and all their theories as well as human behavior in general, so Psychology was the closest thing I could study that wasn´t actually educational science. I´ve always been a late bloomer when it comes to life decisions. The subject of my studies has been no different. So was this kind of last minute decision the right one?

Please note that I can only tell this from the personal experience I´ve had with studying in Germany. In different countries or even at different universities the experiences might vary.

The first reaction I get when I tell someone I´m studying Psychology is mostly "wow!" which is usually followed by "are you analysing me right now?". To this the answer is always No! It seems that Psychology has a certain stigma that couldn´t be further from the truth of it. Yes, I did learn about Freud but I actually learned more about him in school than at university. Freud is a very important person for Psychology but since his time the whole subject has evolved quite a bit. Modern Psychology is actually not at all centered around Freud (unless you´re talking about Psychoanalysis, of course).

When I started studying, my first semester consisted of a lot of methodology and statistics. Trust me when I say, it wasn´t fun at first. Now, two years later I´ve accepted it to be a big part in all of psychology and I actually quite like it. However, it´s definitely something to be aware of when you´re interested in the subject. It´s just when I got further into my studies that I learned about the really interesting topics. One thing that´s definitely not just some stigma about studying Psychology is how hard exams are and how much pressure there is. Just in my first semester I had 7 exams in three weeks and for each one I needed to know 80+ page summaries by heart. Afterwards my physical and mental health were both really affect. Due to so many students in this field of study every grade in every exam counts towards my end grade which determines if I´ll even get a chance at a masters degree. So naturally, the pressure is very high!

However, it´s not all just bad, unexpected, or stressful. The further I got into my studies, the more interesting the seminars and lectures got. Also with every semester I have less exams! I´ve learnt so much and honestly, writing essays is only half that bad if you´ve got an interesting topic. Humans are such an interesting subject of study because it´s always surrounding us. So many times I did something and afterwards realized that I already learned about this behavior. Also as humans are such complex creatures Psychology has so many different aspects to it. I´ve learnt everything from the way the neurons in our brains work to how our emotional state effects our ability to make rational decisions. Some of my favourite topics include personality, emotions, the human brain and human factors. With every step, I take further into Psychology, I get more intrigued by it. Right now I´m doing an internship at a  different uni where I get to help with current experiments and I don´t even mind getting up early on Monday morning (& that definitely tells you something!).

So to answer the initial question, yes, studying Psychology was definitely worth it for me. I´ve had some rough patches throughout but I´ve also learnt so many interesting things. I can´t shut up about everything I´ve learnt when I´m at home (that´s why my Mom now calls me "Maura") and I think that´s a good sign. I honestly can´t imagine me doing anything else as my job later (although I still don´t know which part of Psychology I want to work in). If you´re thinking about studying Psychology, I suggest you thoroughly inform yourself beforehand. It´s definitely a lot of work and not always just sunshine but if you´re really interested in it it´s also so rewarding!

P.S. You can always ask me questions about my studies, if you´ve got any.


  1. This is so interesting! I studied Psychology at A Level and would love to continue it and become a CBT therapist, only I didn't get a high enough grade. I would still love to study it but feel as if my calling is to study Art or English since I got much higher grades in those. I had a wonderful CBT therapist and feel it must feel so rewarding for her, to help people as part of your career :D your blog is so lovely! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. As a Psychology instructor, I am glad that you get to enjoy Psychology. I've had similar experiences with people asking me if I am analyzing them or if I can read their minds. It also bothers me when people tend to misuse Psych concepts or to label themselves as suffering from Depression when they're sad and lonely.

    I enjoyed this post. Keep it up!


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