First Impression Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

When Urban Decay announced their new range of lipstick I was excited like a little girl on Christmas. The Vice range includes 100 new and old shades in six different formulas. Oh, how I wish I had the money to try them all! Lucky for me, feel unique had a discount on lipsticks and the new Vice lipsticks available on the 20th of June (aka the exact release date). I just happened to order some beauty things either way, so I went ahead and chose two Vice lipsticks to try out.

Side Note: This post was supposed to go up at the start of July, it did not take over two months for me to try these lipsticks out, haha.

Firstly, let´s talk packaging. It´s supposed to be an updated version of their standard packaging. As I don´t own any of their standard lipsticks, I can´t really judge on that. I do like the packaging though. It´s very sleek and simple and has a metallic look to it. It´s a great mix of gold and lilac-grey and certainly fits in well with Urban Decay´s "Beauty With An Edge" motto. The caps aren´t perfectly round which makes for some funny reflections (I love a little detail like this). On the bottom a label shows you the name, formula and the colour of each lipstick, so that you can easily grab the right one from your collection. They also feel very safe to close. As much as I love the style of the packaging it is highly reflective because of the metallic look. You can see pretty much every finger print on them which is driving me mad.

Comfort Matte - Backtalk
It´s a beautiful mauve-nude pink colour in matte, as the name suggests. I´ve found this to be very smoothly and evenly to apply. It almost feels like nothing on my lips, I was able to wear it for a whole day without noticing it too much. As many matte lipsticks it starts off with a slight shine to it and then dries to a complete matte as it also darkens a bit. I´ve noticed that it takes quite a while to completely dry but once it is it will not budge for anything. It survives eating and drinking without any hassle. I did apply a second coat after half of the day though as I felt like the colour had washed out a bit. Even with a second coat on there was no crumbling and only minor creasing. When I did take it off my lips felt a bit dry but that´s expected for any matte product. This was also easily fixed with a lip balm over night.
Overall I´m completely amazed by this product. I love the colour and the formula and will definitely get some other shades as well.

Metallized - Peyote
This shade is a lovely dusty mauve-rose with a lot of silver glitter in it giving it that metallized look. I wasn´t sure on this look at first as I thought it looked a bit odd on the lips. It doesn´t look totally metallic but it´s also way more than a normal glossy lipstick. Also this is a bit of a sticky if still lightweight formula. I´ve found that over the course of a few hours the lipstick had creased a bit and did wash out so that I had to put on a second coat after 3-4 hours. This lipstick also couldn´t survive eating although it did not have a problem with drinking. So after I´d eaten I also had to re-apply it. Over the course of the whole day the colour did smudge a bit around the edges but even with more than one layer on it had only creased a bit at the end of the day.
In the end it´s a good quality lipstick that adds something different to your collection.

I´ll definitely buy some more shades from the Vice range. I want to try the other formulas as well and definitely want some more Comfort Matte shades! I´m definitely and completely in love with that formula. On the Mettalized formula I´m still not really sure, though. Maybe it´s because I tried it after the Comfort Matte formula which totally blew me away. Also I should definitely point that I only tried both for one day* and cannot say if lipliners, etc. could help further. After all, this is just my first impression of these two. Who knows, maybe I´ll be utterly in love with Peyote next month.

Will you be picking up any of the Vice lipsticks?

*still agree with my opinions in this post after having worn these two some more.


  1. These shades are so me, I've never owned anything from them before but i have a lipstick in similar packaging and the finger prints drive me mad too!

  2. Backtalk is such a gorgeous shade, I'm ashamed to say I still have yet to try an UD lipstick but you've definitely made me want too now x

    Jordan || Darling Jordan

  3. Backtalk looks so beautiful! Perfect for Autumn time I think!

    corrie |

  4. I'm such a sucker for any matte nude shade and the fomula of Backtalk sounds like a dream! Lovely review!

    Toni x

  5. I really want to try one of the Comfort Mattes! They sound like they stand up to everything!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog


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