Studying Psychology - Was it Worth it?

I was about 17 years old and really interested in everything my educational science teacher told us;  that´s when I made the decision to study Psychology. I was interested in Freud, Erikson and all their theories as well as human behavior in general, so Psychology was the closest thing I could study that wasn´t actually educational science. I´ve always been a late bloomer when it comes to life decisions. The subject of my studies has been no different. So was this kind of last minute decision the right one?

Please note that I can only tell this from the personal experience I´ve had with studying in Germany. In different countries or even at different universities the experiences might vary.

First Impression Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

When Urban Decay announced their new range of lipstick I was excited like a little girl on Christmas. The Vice range includes 100 new and old shades in six different formulas. Oh, how I wish I had the money to try them all! Lucky for me, feel unique had a discount on lipsticks and the new Vice lipsticks available on the 20th of June (aka the exact release date). I just happened to order some beauty things either way, so I went ahead and chose two Vice lipsticks to try out.

Side Note: This post was supposed to go up at the start of July, it did not take over two months for me to try these lipsticks out, haha.