Skincare For Acne-Prone Skin

I´m not going to lie. I don´t have perfect skin and honestly, I don´t think I´ll ever have. For a long time I envied people with flawless skin. Their make up always seemed so effortlessly beautiful. I´m still a bit jealous but I´ve come to terms with my own skin. I think it´s mostly due to the insane improvement in the past year. It´s still nowhere near flawless but compared to how it was it´s amazing!

The first step to improve your acne-prone skin is always removing your make up in the evening - ALWAYS! Also don´t use make up wipes for that. It might be easier but you´re skin will punish you for it. Instead I remove my eye make up with the Maybelline Jade eye Make Up Remover for waterproof make up. I´ve been using this one for years and it works just so well for me. It´s a bit too oily but as I just use it for my eyes it´s fine. The rest of my make up is easily taken off with the Bebe Young Care Quick & Clean Waschgel und Make Up Entferner (Cleansing Gel and Make Up Remover, this seems to be a German brand exclusive, I´m sorry!). In general I try to find a product that´s very mild and simple while still doing a good job. I´ve found that products which are meant for teenager skin work best for me. For my second cleanse I´ve fallen in love with The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. I just love the soothing smell of it and its texture. Also this leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft!

After cleaning my face from every last bit of make up I moisturize with the Balea Reichhaltige Tagespflege (Rich Daily Moisturizer, again a German brand...). Again it´s a very simple product, but it does the job perfectly well and my skin likes it a lot. Currently this is also the moisturizer I use every morning after washing my face with water. However, I´m currently looking into trying the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist for that. Quite recently a lifesaver has entered my life: the Eau Thermale Avène TriAcnéal Expert. This emulsion for acne-prone skin cures any inflammation within a few days and leaves the skin feeling so soft. It also works agains the development of acne scars. I just apply this every night to every spot. For summer I´ve gotten myself the Kiko Blooming Glow Revitalizing Face Serum (which is on sale right now!). It helps to smooth and even out the skin which is exactly what I want for summer. I use this every other night before my moisturizer.

I´m not going to sit here and tell you that my skin got better simply because I switched up  a few products. That might work for some people but honestly, it´s the exception. With acne-prone skin like mine that´s just not going to happen. Instead the prescription of the pill has done a miracle on my skin. Now don´t get me wrong, I don´t want you running to your gynecologist now and asking for prescription. The pill is not some sort of magic mint that you can pop in without any worry. I´ve had to experience first hand how much the hormones in it can mess with your body. In the end I got lucky and found a pill that works for me but if you decide to get a prescription just for your skin please do it with caution!

I´ve learned a lot about my skin in the past years. My best insight was that the most expensive products aren´t always the best. My skin is often happier with cheaper alternatives. Also when your skin is really bad using only a few products is the best treatment! You need to remember that every skin is different. I´ve tried many amazing sounding recommendations from people that did nothing for my skin. It´s a long phase of trial and error before you find the right treatment for your skin.


  1. They all sound so lovely! I haven't ever seen these before but I will keep my eye out!
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  2. I think about my current skin condition that way, too. But since I've been seeing a bit of progress with my current routine, I'm getting a bit optimistic. Have you tried the Burt's Bees Anti-Blemish line? It's worked wonders for me! :)

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