Hello, It´s Me...

Uhm, so I went off the internet for quite a while. I really wish I could say I´m sorry for it but honestly, I´m not. I needed some time to focus on my own well-being instead of putting more on my plate than I could handle.

This semester has been quite stressful for me. My old friend, chronic nausea, has come back and that really messed with my mental health. I really thought I had left that part of my life behind me. Obviously with my anxiety added into that mix, I couldn´t do anything for three weeks. That then left me with a lot of work at uni to catch up on. You can spin that spiral further if you´d like. So I decided that it was better to give up on blogging for a short while than to break down. I hope you can understand.

But things are changing now. I´ve finally seen a therapist and am now getting therapy for all of my mental health problems (including the chronic nausea). Even with only a few appointments in I feel I´m getting better a bit. As you might have noticed, I´m finally back on Twitter. I´m not back to full tweet capacity yet but I´m getting there. I´ve also started over on Instagram. I just wasn't happy with what I was posting there and over my break from the internet I have accumulated quite a few beautiful pictures that finally fit some kind of theme that I liked. Please go follow me over there, so that I can share these pictures with people.

Lastly, I´m back to blogging. I really hope I can work my way back into it and finally post regularly again. With still a lot on my plate and exams coming up next month, I won´t be back to blog twice a week for a while. But I´ll do my best to have one post a week up, just to keep me going.

I hope this explained things a bit as I didn´t want to come back without acknowledging the break I took. If everything goes well I´ll be posting my first regular post on Sunday, so you have something to look forward to.

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  1. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better and that you're finding therapy sessions beneficial! I find it very admirable that you took the time for yourself when you needed to. I hope your exams went well :-)


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