These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Okay, it feels totally weird to write up a list of my current favourites in the middle of the month. Normally, these kind of blogposts overflow the internet at the end/start of a month. I do really enjoy reading about all the products someone has thoroughly enjoyed as this always introduced me to great products. I´ve looked back on my old blogposts and found that the last "Favourites" I did were from December. *gasp* So I guess a round up of all the things I´ve been loving in the past five months is definitely necessary.

Fresh Flowers
I love fresh flowers. When I was growing up my Mom always had a nice bouquet on our dining table. But since I´ve moved out I´ve been kind of afraid of buying myself some flowers (mainly because I actually managed to kill three cacti). The thing with fresh flowers is that you don´t have to care for them longterm, they´ll look gorgeous for a week and then you can throw them away (without it being actually your fault!). So when my local grocery store stocked up on affordable little bouquets I got myself one. Since then I´ve gotten a new one almost every week. They just look effortlessly gorgeous as a decoration. Also they make me feel like I´ve got my life together a bit.

Eau Thermale Avène - TriAcèal Expert
It should be well known by now that I can´t keep my fingers away from any spots I get. While my face has been very much spotless in the past months, my decollate hasn´t been. Especially the stress in April with the chronic nausea reappearing led to a whole lot of nibbling. Just imagine red, inflamed landscape of hills right at my cleavage. Not nice to look at, is it? This emulsion is made to treat persistent spots and it also helps with acne scars. Honestly, it has saved my life!! I´ve been using it for a few weeks and my skin has already gotten so much better. It´s not perfect yet (mainly because I still can´t keep my hands away) but it´s so much better and I´m so happy about this! Also I´ve got almost no scars from the spots that are already healed.

Benefit Rollerlash Mascara
A few months back I wrote a full review on this mascara which is supposed to give your lashes the most amazing curl. I pretty much said how disappointed I was by this mascara but I think I need to cut it some slack. It´s the only mascara I´ve been using since then as its so much easier to apply than my old routine (two coats of mascara, heating up the curling wand once, curling once more without heat). So the outcome is not as perfect as I want it to be. I guess with lashes that go almost straight downward, I´ll never get the perfectly curled eyelashes I dream of. But this mascara is saving me about 15 minutes each morning that I can use for longer sleep, so I´m sticking to it.

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick in 47 Beige Blouse
I finally took the plunge and splurged on a YSL lipstick. How could I not? Everyone and their grandma is raving about those. I wanted a fresh, pinkish colour that had a bit of shine but still didn´t need to be touched up every few hours. Also it shouldn´t be too pink as that doesn´t suit my face very well. I can honestly say, this lipstick is worth the hype. The colour is perfect for what I wanted, the texture is amazing and oh, the smell. It smells of sweet watermelon and I´d honestly wear it as a perfume. I can´t say much about the lasting power as this wears off so naturally on my lips that I don´t have to worry about it. I´d guess it lasts about 2 hours without eating or drinking though which is great for a sheer lipstick!

Make Up Revolution Vivid Baked Blush in All I Think About Is You
This is one of the blushes I got in my Cheeky Haul and I love it to pieces (as you can see from the state of the packaging). It just gives the most gorgeous pink sheen to  my cheeks and looks all natural on me. It´s also so easy to blend, feels really soft and lasts all day. What more could I want from such a pretty blush? Also it has quite some shimmer to it already, so on lazy days I don´t even need highlighter on top of this.

Romantic Novels
I´ve been craving some romance recently (I blame it on spring fever). Since my life lacks romance more than ever I´ve fulfilled my craving with romance novels. Can you blame me for it? I´ve fallen love with two authors due to their beautiful romance novels. One is Alexandra Potter; her books are so easy to read. I can relate a lot to the main characters, everything is written in so lovely words that I can imagine every place without having ever been there. Also her stories have just gripped me. I just wanted to know what happened next. The second author is Jojo Moyes; I´m probably the last person on the world to catch this train but I finally read Me Before You and what can I say... I fell in love! She, too, writes her characters so lovable and relatable and I just always want to know what happens to them. Both authors have gotten me to the point where I´m excited to get into bed and read again from the very moment I get up in the morning.

I hope I´m not the only one very confused by the fact that we´ve made it through almost half the year already. I swear, I was sitting on my couch with a good friend watching OITNB at 1am on the 1st of January like yesterday! Maybe I´ve got too much going on or the weather is the cause of my confusion. This definitely feels more like April weather than June weather. Fingers crossed, the weather gods will finally hear my prayers and give us some well deserved sun! Until then I´ll think happy thoughts like lying on the beach, hearing the waves, reading a good book...


  1. The Benefit mascara is truly amazing!
    Also love the look and smell of fresh flowers, very summer appropriate!

    Parie x

  2. Im a sucker for romantic novels. I cant believe its June already as well! This year has flown by!

  3. That YSL lipstick shade is just gorgeous *heart eyes* I absolutely adore getting a bunch of fresh flowers, I find they always just brighten up my room x

    Darling Jordan

  4. Popped by after chatting to you on twitter earlier today - I absolutely love Alexandra Potter's novels!

    Paula /

  5. Nothing beats fresh flowers.. the smell is just incredible. Then of course they can easily bring a room to life! Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE Roller Lash, I swear by it.

    Hannah xx

  6. I buy a fresh bunch of flowers every two weeks and they always help cheer things up, plus they leave our house smelling lovely!

    The Little Things | Louise x


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