Traveling With Anxiety

When I started this blog it was partly to share my passion of beauty and fashion but also partly to document my travels. Maybe you´ve noticed that there´s been a lack of travel posts here in the past year. That´s because I just haven´t traveled in almost a year which I honestly hate. The reason for all that being my anxiety and how much of a challenge traveling with anxiety really is. So instead of taking that challenge I just didn´t travel anymore. That´s so bad and totally the wrong choice, so for my trip to Berlin I came up with a list of things that would help me travel despite my anxiety.

Disclaimer: These tips will not help with your anxiety in general. Most of these present safety or avoidance behaviours which will reduce your anxiety for a short time but won´t help in the long run. With strong anxiety you should always see a therapist. These tips are solely meant to make you feel better when you´re traveling.

Travel Buddy I The worst case scenario for me is to be completely alone when my anxiety hits. Due to my hypochondria/health anxiety (explained here) I feel safer when I have a friends with me who could help me in case I do have immense pain. But also in general when having somebody you trust by your side you are more likely to let go of anxious thoughts or speak them through which can help a lot.

Expect Anxiety Before I In the weeks leading up to your vacation you´ll probably feel more anxious by the minute. You might not feel like it´s due to your vacation because you´re also very excited for them but in your subconscious it´s still the reason. If you expect this you might feel better about yourself and can talk yourself down. Also you can make a list of all the reasons you want to go on that vacation and look at it every time you start feeling anxious. Eventually the excitement will take over.

Choose The Best Destination For You I I know a tropical island is the dream destination for any holiday but it might not be suited for you and your anxiety right now. You want to relax during your travels and not constantly worry about something or having to overcome your anxiety. So choose a destination where you can feel safe. For me it´s big cities because there´s immediate access to health care. Also take your anxiety into account for planning how to get to and from that destination. You might have to lay off that island dream if you don´t feel good around many people on trains, busses, boats, air planes, etc.

Have An Emergency Plan I Whenever something that worries you about the vacation pops into your mind, think of an easy solution on how to get out of that situation. If you want to be clear about it, note it down and take that list with you. Firstly, this will help as you got the anxiety about that situation out of your head and you thought it all through and secondly, if you do happen to get into that situation, you already now a way out and don´t have to panic about that.

Calming Sounds I I´m very much affected by the atmosphere around me and when I´m anxious I can easily feel trapped or oversensitive to sounds. Luckily, I found this app called Relax Melodies where you can put together your own calming melody out of little sounds and if I take deep breaths and close my eyes while only listening to this, I calm down very easily. Also having podcasts, interviews, radio shows, etc. on my phone has helped me a lot. I can listen to people whose voices I know and who make me feel safe and due to listening what they´re talking about I silence my own worries.

Having A Schedule I An exact schedule of when to do what can come in very handy for you. That way you have no chance to get sucked into the dark hole of your anxiety thoughts because your days will be packet with exciting things and tickets have already been bought. You´ll be surprised how easily time flies by with no anxiety when you don´t have time to overthink your next steps. But you should always make sure you don´t overwork yourself and instead give yourself some time off as well. This is still a vacation and not a work drill.

Take Your Mind Off I Here comes the most important part: Let go of your anxiety thoughts, don´t let them take over your vacation! If you just let go and instead let yourself get distracted by everything surrounding you, you´ll have a much nicer time. I know this is a hard step but maybe your travel buddy could also help you with that. You can´t just get rid of your anxiety for a week, I know that. Just don´t give it too much space while you´re there.

In the end, we´re all very different and our anxieties vary. These are just a few tips that have helped me on this last trip massively. I´m sure there are a ton more blogposts out there that feature different tips, so have a look at those as well and find the perfect tips for you! One thing you should remember is that you can always just go back home if you don´t feel good anymore. It´s your vacation and your choice to stay there. Nobody will be mad at your for not enjoying a trip and feeling unsafe. People (aka me!) will only be mad if you give up without even trying first.


  1. I'm going away this year for the first time, and I'm really very anxious about flying! Thankfully I'll have a travel buddy with me, so I'll be able to utilize some of your tips :) thank you for sharing x

    1. Travel buddies are truly the best, aren´t they? I know flying seems like the most terrifying thing but trust me, it´s actually pretty okay. I was very anxious when I had my first proper flight two years ago but I´ve found it to not be that bad at all! It moves around less than any train does, trust me.
      xx Lisa

  2. Thumbs up for going to Berlin despite your anxiety! I actually love visiting new places, but taking the plane is the worst part for me. Despite flying more than 10 times a year, I still get anxious about the take offs.

    Hope you get to travel more this year! :)

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

    1. Thank you. I almost actually bailed on the trip but my mom helped get on that train and I´m very thankful for that! I find that flying isn´t the best but also not the worst way to get around. Take offs are the worst for me, too. I don´t like rollercoasters and take offs make me feel like I´m sitting in one, haha.
      xx Lisa


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