Trying Out Primark Brushes

My two blogposts about the Primark Beauty range (here and here) have recently been some of the most viewed blogposts on here. Personally I can never resist a good bargain but I´m also always wondering if those bargains are even worth their little money. So I totally understand why those blogposts have been so popular. On my Berlin trip I couldn´t not go into Primark and I discovered these new brushes that almost look like the rose gold Zoeva brushes everyone raves about. Of course, I had to try them out then.

Honestly, these brushes look gorgeous. It´s a sleek and simple look but with the rose gold details it´s really just a bloggers dream. All brushes retail around £1 to £2.50 so they´re just a total bargain. Most of them are even double-sided meaning two brushes for the price of one. Also that makes them incredibly handy for traveling. The brushes are duo fibre brushes which seems to be the standard for most make up brushes right now (meaning they´re half synthetic and half animal hair, so not vegan!)

Stippling Brush
This brush is a bit smaller than what I´d usually expect a stippling brush to be but it allows a very precise application in smaller areas of the face (eg. nose, eyes). It´s pretty loosely bound together which for me made application very hard. The brush bends under the slightest pressure and I can´t really blend my foundation well without putting pressure on the brush. I haven´t found that it leaves me with streaks though. Also it doesn´t soak up too much product. Still, I changed back to my usual sponge application after my trial period with this brush. I´m just not that happy with it.

Concealer Brush
Honestly, this is the perfect size for a concealer brush. Not too big but also not too small. Unfortunately, I haven´t found it that great for actually applying concealer. It "eats" so much of the product that I had to ask myself if I even put any concealer on at all. It´s also not the right density for a concealer brush. It left streaks all over my face and I had to really drag my concealer around to make it blend in. That´s really not a fun activity. 

Double-sided Eyebrow Brush
Firstly, I love the idea of double-sided brushes. This one comes with an angled brush on one side and a wand on the other side. I´ve found the angled brush to bee just slightly too thick but it did do a good job at defining and filling in my brows. Also I tested it to apply eyeliner with eyeshadow and it looked great! I think the wand might be a little bit too harsh for some people but for me it was alright. It did do a normal job at brushing my brows, not so great at separating my eyelashes though. Still, this brush is a win for me!

Double-sided Eyeshadow Brush
On one side you have your usual eyeshadow brush which I found to be just amazing. It´s definitely soft but not too soft and it takes up just enough product to spread over your whole lid but not too much product. Also it makes a good job at the first blending stage although you do need a softer blending brush to avoid harsh edges. The other side is a pencil brush that does its job just as well. It applies the product very precisely to your crease. It´s also very soft and very fine. It doesn´t do a good job at blending though (but I never expected that anyway). So this one is a big win for me!

Overall, they´re still pretty and cheap brushes. When it comes to the quality it´s more of a hit and miss situation for me. I think they´re great if you´re just starting out and don´t want to spend all that money on brushes yet as long as you keep in mind that they´re not the standard for all brushes. I´d definitely rather go with the eye brushes than the face brushes. If you´re not keen on using them all the time (like me) then they´re still a very pretty and cheap background props for your instagram feed. That´s what I´ve been using them for a lot lately!


  1. Ive never tried there brushes but I've been experimenting with there makeup it seems as though its a bit hit and miss like these brushes.

  2. These really are so pretty and great value! Its a shame they are a bit hit and miss though!

    Carissa - Vanilla Crush x

  3. Hmm, they sound like a pass for me. I'd rather pay a bit more and have brushes that I really love, y'know? Thanks for reviewing these!
    Ivory Avenue


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