In His Shirt

I hate to admit it but I´ve become a person who loves wearing blouses. That´s the one thing I never wanted to wear when I was 15 years old. Even worse, lately I´ve gotten really into sturdier shirts with a slight androgynous cut! *gasp* It´s not that bad, I know. I could´ve gotten into drugs for all I know. It´s just still a bit cold outside and a shirt is definitely keeping me a bit warm, also I just love the simple patterns they come in.

Shirts - H&M (here and similar)
Jeans - Only (here)
Shoes - H&M (here)
Accessories - Forever21/Primark (here)

Speaking of things I have a hate/love relationship with: wearing a shirt around your hips. This was THE easiest way to carry your jacket around when I was younger and suddenly it just became so uncool that nobody did it anymore. For this look though, I think it works really well! As much as I want to say that I stole this shirt from my boyfriend, I can´t. But that´d be a great trick if you´ve got a boyfriend that´s roughly your size. Instead of buying an expensive new shirt, just steal one of his. I´m sure he won´t mind too much.

I´m amazed by how versatile this look is. You could easily switch the shirts if you´re as clumsy as me and spilled something on one of them. Also if you´re getting cold, just wear the second shirt as a jacket on top of the other. One more thing I love about it is that both shirts will also work great as slight jackets to throw over a top in the summer. Can you tell how hard I´ve fallen for them??


  1. Love this look, it's super stylish and suits you really well!

    Anika |

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoy it in this current weather where I don´t know how many layers I should put on to stay warm, haha.
      xx Lisa

  2. I love wearing shirts and I actually have this exact one!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  3. Looking lovely as always! xx


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