All Those Little Things

It seems to have become a lifestyle blogger´s favourite type of post: lists of what makes them happy. I have to admit they´re one of my favourites too. I consider myself to be a pretty positive person and hearing what makes other people happy just makes me happy as well. However, I do have moments when I´m incredibly down and sad; some are caused by hormones, others, well, aren´t. Having lists of happy things can help so much in these situations. It´s a reminder of how much positivity your everyday life gives you when you just start looking. And that´s definitely better than watching another sappy old romantic comedy, don´t you think? So here come 50 little things that make me happy.*

* in no particular order

  1. sunshine
  2. someone liking my gift
  3. a cashier smiling at me
  4. being around my family
  5. getting that one good shot
  6. flowers
  7. board games
  8. hugging my friends
  9. getting a compliment
  10. listening to music
  11. eating that food I´ve been craving
  12. not ruining my nail polish for once
  13. finishing my to-do list
  14. exploring a new part of a city
  15. walking down memory lane
  16. sarcasm
  17. slaying a choreography
  18. LOLing
  19. inside jokes
  20. meeting online friends
  21. waking up before my alarm
  22. finding it hard to find German words but knowing the English one
  23. the shower at my parent´s house
  24. putting on new bedsheets
  25. comfy clothes
  26. finding a bargain
  27. Detlef´s Zumba class
  28. daydreaming
  29. rose gold and copper
  30. all those Twitter gifs
  31. late night talks
  32. finding a vegan alternative for my favourite foods and successfully making it
  33. receiving an unexpected gift
  34. new bedsheets
  35. blogging
  36. being organized
  37. singing (although I´m no good at it)
  38. lists
  39. my plans working out
  40. traveling
  41. having deep conversations
  42. when my skin looks flawless
  43. phone cases
  44. learning something new
  45. fairy lights
  46. book shelves
  47. cute animals
  48. receiving a compliment
  49. giving compliments
  50. wearing dark lipstick
I´m sorry this got so cheesy so fast. But writing this down has set this permanent smile on my face and once I started it was hard to stop. This is honestly such a great technique to stay positive in life. Whenever you´re feeling down just look at your own list and whenever a new thing pops into your head, note it down as well. Soon you´ll have a list full of little wonderful things and the thing that´s made you sad will seem even tinier against it. I´d very much like you to share one thing that has made you happy this weekend in the comments. We can all sit and have those silly smiles on our faces together then.


  1. New bedsheets, traveling, being in nature and with friends are all lovely ways to feel happy! I also love when people do this post, it's nice to see what makes others happy and to remember the things that can bring you up when you're feeling down, since we all get that way at times. Sending love and light your way,

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Thank you, lovely. I do sometimes need a reminder of little things I love to make me smile again. xx Lisa

  2. Finally eating what you've been craving is the peak of satisfaction. I also loving nailing choreography, new sheets, and fairly lights. And flowers. And sunshine. And learning something new. And being organized. And we're basically the same person now. Hahaha. Kidding, kidding. Anyway, cute post!

    1. Thank you so much! That´s so great that you enjoy the same things. I think it´s lovely to share traits like these (especially since they make us so happy)!
      xx Lisa

  3. Just reading this list put a big smile on my face. Lovely post - I am all for positivity!

    Emma |

    1. Thank you, that´s exactly what I wanted to achieve. I´m happy that it worked.
      xx Lisa

  4. Appreciating the little things in life is always good!

    1. It really is, isn´t it? Sometimes we get to overwhelmed by big things and forget all the small ones that are just as important!
      xx Lisa

  5. Great post - it is always good to stop and reflect on little things that make us happy. Comfy clothes is definitely one for me xo

    Emily |

    1. Thank you. Yes, comfy clothes are the best. I only have two styling moods: very elegant or comfy&fluffy, haha. Just sad that my roommate only ever sees the last one.
      xx Lisa

  6. Your blog is beautiful, Lisa, such romantic vibes! I adore these posts too and your nature photography is my favourite :D what a lovely list! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Aw, thank you so much! That put a really bit smile on my face. I´m glad you enjoy my nature photography as it´s one of my favourites to shoot.
      xx Lisa

  7. What a lovely list... I'm with you on the singing! Love to belt out a song in the car but I can't sing in the slightest. Not great for my poor passengers! Haha xx

    1. I try to hold myself back when I´m surrounded by people but my shower sure could tell you all about how terrible my singing is, haha!
      xx Lisa


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