Vegan Birthday Cake

Since I moved out two years ago I´ve been spending my birthdays away from home (because my semester always starts right before). It´s not the best but I don´t mind it that much expect for two things: not being around my family and no cake!!! Especially now with my dietary restrictions, I really can´t put the weight of baking something on my friends. So this year I´ve decided to bake myself something instead and it´s delicious!

Trying Out Primark Brushes

My two blogposts about the Primark Beauty range (here and here) have recently been some of the most viewed blogposts on here. Personally I can never resist a good bargain but I´m also always wondering if those bargains are even worth their little money. So I totally understand why those blogposts have been so popular. On my Berlin trip I couldn´t not go into Primark and I discovered these new brushes that almost look like the rose gold Zoeva brushes everyone raves about. Of course, I had to try them out then.

In His Shirt

I hate to admit it but I´ve become a person who loves wearing blouses. That´s the one thing I never wanted to wear when I was 15 years old. Even worse, lately I´ve gotten really into sturdier shirts with a slight androgynous cut! *gasp* It´s not that bad, I know. I could´ve gotten into drugs for all I know. It´s just still a bit cold outside and a shirt is definitely keeping me a bit warm, also I just love the simple patterns they come in.

Traveling With Anxiety

When I started this blog it was partly to share my passion of beauty and fashion but also partly to document my travels. Maybe you´ve noticed that there´s been a lack of travel posts here in the past year. That´s because I just haven´t traveled in almost a year which I honestly hate. The reason for all that being my anxiety and how much of a challenge traveling with anxiety really is. So instead of taking that challenge I just didn´t travel anymore. That´s so bad and totally the wrong choice, so for my trip to Berlin I came up with a list of things that would help me travel despite my anxiety.

All Those Little Things

It seems to have become a lifestyle blogger´s favourite type of post: lists of what makes them happy. I have to admit they´re one of my favourites too. I consider myself to be a pretty positive person and hearing what makes other people happy just makes me happy as well. However, I do have moments when I´m incredibly down and sad; some are caused by hormones, others, well, aren´t. Having lists of happy things can help so much in these situations. It´s a reminder of how much positivity your everyday life gives you when you just start looking. And that´s definitely better than watching another sappy old romantic comedy, don´t you think? So here come 50 little things that make me happy.*

* in no particular order