W7 In The Buff: Lightly Toasted

Who doesn´t love the Urban Decay Naked Palettes? *awkwardly puts up hand* It´s not my fault though! It´s just a lot of money to spend on one palette (even as amazing as they sound) and nobody has bought it of me yet. I did leave a few hints for my upcoming birthday though, so fingers crossed I´ll finally get lucky. In the mean time I thought I´d invest a third of the price into the W7 Eyeshadow Palettes which are supposedly a great dupe for the Naked Palettes. Honestly, I have fallen in love with it.

I opted for the In The Buff: Lightly Toasted Palette which is a dupe to the Naked 3. It features a lovely range of neutral shades with some rose tones as well as browns. It´s honestly just gorgeous to look at. I love the packaging. It´s sleek and pretty simple yet something different with the brown shade and the metallic case. It definitely feels more sturdy than other palettes I own. It comes with a two-sided applicator of which one side is an actual brush. I love the thought of offering a brush as well although this one isn´t really too my liking either. But thanks to the large indent in the case I can easily just take one of my favourite brushes with it.

The palette offers 12 shades which all feature adorable names like Wonderland and Its a dream. It´s really a decent variety of neutral shades for warmer skin tones and green eyes especially. It features a lot of rose, brown, gold and green shades. Sadly, out of all 12 shades only 2 are matte. I´d wish for more matte shades for an all-round neutral palette. If we´re talking quality though, this palette blew my mind. All shades are amazingly pigmented. Even the lightest shade Teddy Bear (a cream white shimmer) is visible on my skin. Also swatching them was a lot of fun as they´re all so buttery soft. That surprised me quite a bit as I didn´t expect shimmer shades to be so soft.

The staying power of these eyeshadows is mostly amazing. I can go all day without worrying about them and they´re still in place. It varies for some shades though. I´ve found that some shades like Twister (a gorgeous gold) tend to crease a little bit. It´s probably not so much that anyone would actually notice it but it´s there. Other shades (and these outnumber the creasing ones) are set in place for a whole day even without a primer. There´s some kind of variation with the quality of blending as well. In general the eyeshadows are dreamy to blend; they´re especially easy to blend into each other. But I´ve found that the darker the colour the harder to blend out. I´ve had real trouble blending Up In Smoke (a black with silver shimmer) out. It´s just a shame because I don´t want a hefty, dark line right over my crease.

Overall I´m so in love with this palette. I´m really complaining on a high-comfort level when I point to the staying power and the quality of blending (and those complaints only go for a few shades). For the prize of £9.99 the quality is over the roof! I haven´t been grabbing any other palette lately because it´s just so versatile and easy to use. My favourites right now are Wonderland, Twister and Happy because they´re gorgeous spring shades. Honestly, I never had so buttery soft shimmer shades! If this is any indication as to how the Urban Decay Naked Palettes are, then oh my! These are rising to the top of my wish list in no time!


  1. I hope they have other palettes that mirror the Naked Palettes as well since I definitely don't have enough money to buy a £4O palette. These look like a good dupe!

    1. As far as I know they have one for every Naked Palette. It´s just a really great palette!


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