Berlin In Pictures

The first time I went to Berlin must´ve been when I was about 14 years old. I immediately fell in love. It was a class trip and despite my classmates being assholes, I had a great time. I´ve lived my whole life in a rather small town where I always felt a bit uncomfortable (mainly because everybody knows each other). I´ve been a big city girl from the start. I love the rush, the acceptance and the anonymity. Since my first trip in 2010 I´ve visited the city at least once a year. Last week has covered this year´s trip and I thought I´d show you my view of it.

It´s funny because technically I´m a tourist when I go to Berlin but in my heart I´m not. I like the sights it offers but I´m not wanting to go see them anymore unless I´m there anyway. As a wise man once said The single best thing to do in Paris, is to get lost.“ (Henry Morgan, Forever). Well, he´s talking about Paris but I think it counts for all cities. I do love just walking around. Berlin has a very special atmosphere where you´re not alone even if you´re the only one walking the street. The architecture is also gorgeous in sunshine. I´ve honestly had an amazing week! I spent a lot of time with friends, enjoyed and absorbed the rush and excitement of the city and I saw James Bay live again (he´s amazing, trust me!!). I couldn´t be happier about it all. 

Thanks for having me Berlin, and hopefully see you soon!


  1. I would absolutely love to go to Berlin but have never been - it's on my list! Lovely pictures!
    Amy xx Call Me Amy

    1. Thank you. Berlin is definitely in my top 3 favourite cities. If you ever get the chance to, you should definitely go!


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