Cheeky Haul

With my skin getting better each week I´ve found myself putting more effort into my base. The days where I´m using bright lipstick to draw attention from my forehead are mostly gone for good. Currently I´m loving to experiment with different cheek products to see what really fits me and my style of make up. I still haven´t figured out how to properly contour my face but blush and highlighter are going amazingly! Hence why I´m extending my collection of those. So today I´m sharing with you a little cheeky haul (haha, got it?) of cheek products I´ve recently bought.

Berlin In Pictures

The first time I went to Berlin must´ve been when I was about 14 years old. I immediately fell in love. It was a class trip and despite my classmates being assholes, I had a great time. I´ve lived my whole life in a rather small town where I always felt a bit uncomfortable (mainly because everybody knows each other). I´ve been a big city girl from the start. I love the rush, the acceptance and the anonymity. Since my first trip in 2010 I´ve visited the city at least once a year. Last week has covered this year´s trip and I thought I´d show you my view of it.

It´s funny because technically I´m a tourist when I go to Berlin but in my heart I´m not. I like the sights it offers but I´m not wanting to go see them anymore unless I´m there anyway. As a wise man once said The single best thing to do in Paris, is to get lost.“ (Henry Morgan, Forever). Well, he´s talking about Paris but I think it counts for all cities. I do love just walking around. Berlin has a very special atmosphere where you´re not alone even if you´re the only one walking the street. The architecture is also gorgeous in sunshine. I´ve honestly had an amazing week! I spent a lot of time with friends, enjoyed and absorbed the rush and excitement of the city and I saw James Bay live again (he´s amazing, trust me!!). I couldn´t be happier about it all. 

Thanks for having me Berlin, and hopefully see you soon!

Chocolate & Berry Corners (Vegan & Easy)

I am a sweet tooth through and through. I´d live off of sweets and baked goods if I could. With easter nearing I´ve found myself with a great desire to bake again. Due to my dietary restrictions I have to stick with vegan recipes. I searched the internet for a while but I couldn´t find anything that would fulfill my desire for a sweet but fresh and fruity but also chocolaty treat while being doable. So instead of spending more hours searching for something that doesn´t exist I looked up a few basic recipes and made up my own treat. These Chocolate & Berry Corners are everything I could have wished for!

W7 In The Buff: Lightly Toasted

Who doesn´t love the Urban Decay Naked Palettes? *awkwardly puts up hand* It´s not my fault though! It´s just a lot of money to spend on one palette (even as amazing as they sound) and nobody has bought it of me yet. I did leave a few hints for my upcoming birthday though, so fingers crossed I´ll finally get lucky. In the mean time I thought I´d invest a third of the price into the W7 Eyeshadow Palettes which are supposedly a great dupe for the Naked Palettes. Honestly, I have fallen in love with it.

Recent Reads

I used to love reading so much when I was younger. I´d even read the books we were assigned in class. It´s always been a way to get out of my life and forget my worries for a few hours (because I was a very worryful child). Then life happened, I guess, and I had so many other things to do instead of reading. The internet and TV shows got a lot more interesting all of a sudden and that´s where I´ve been spending all my free time for the last few years. But with the new year I planned on reviving this old love of mine again and I made a Goodreads account and set myself a target for 2016. Shame on me that I´m already two books behind on that but oh well....

Make Up Revolution Euphoria Palette

I can´t count how many bloggers have raved about Make Up Revolution before. I think I´ve read something about it on every blog I follow. As they haven´t brought out anything in Germany yet, I couldn´t really give into the hype until I finally found a website which sold their products (and for which I also had a voucher, so win-win!). Obviously I went ahead and ordered two of their products, one being their Euphoria palette in the shade Bare Euphoria. During the last few weeks I have fallen in love with this palette and I now can fully understand the hype around the brand.

Trying Cricket Flour With Crobar

I am so guilty of snacking on the go. I just get hungry all the time and then I usually end up picking up some kind of chocolate, muesli or energy bar. Unfortunately, I can´t eat anything with chocolate anymore due to a recently developed dairy intolerance. All of a sudden I´ve got nothing to snack on anymore. So when the lovely Christine from Gathrfoods asked me if I´d like to try out her (dairy-free) Crobar* I didn´t have to think twice about it.

The Spring Nail Edit

I know the beginning of spring technically isn´t until the end of the month but can´t you tell I´m in the perfect mood already? For me spring is like finding the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel full of uni work (I always have exams until the end of February, meh). In spring nature comes out of its hibernation again and with the sun coming out we say goodbye to dark colours and welcome back mint, green and pink. Yes, I do love spring! While I might be holding onto my trusty Rimmel Kate 107 for a dark lip, my nails are already transitioning into spring.

Spring Sounds

I absolutely love music. There´s not a thing I do without music on in the background. Right now, the radio is blasting in the background. Still I´m possibly the worst at keeping my playlists updated. I just add new songs to my current playlist until I dislike the majority of the songs on there.. My latest playlist is still from October last year. So with spring cleaning and everything, I thought it was time for a new playlist with songs I actually all like.