Living The Productive Life

We´ve reached February now. That means the excitement of a (possible) new start has faded and the January blues has come and gone. We´re all kind of just existing in our live. Besides Valentine´s there´s really nothing exciting going on in February. It makes it hard to stay motivated and productive because you most likely either failed or got used to your resolutions. You´re used to the way you´re living right now and that makes it feel kind of dull. But right now is the time where you should stay motivated. Spring and Summer are coming and preparation starts now.

The Perfect Sleeping Schedule I Our body´s have an inner clock. We get naturally tired at certain times and we are on the peak of productiveness at other times. Finding out the exact way your inner clock works will help you be so much more productive. For me, my body works best if I sleep from 11pm to 8am. I just feel awake seconds after I´ve woken up and sometimes I wake up even before my alarm. I know that depending on school/work keeping your schedule might not be possible but you can try at least.

Sleep Hygiene I These are the things that help your body get tired and find sleep. First off is a good nighttime routine. Repeat similar steps every night will get your body in the mindset of sleep and make you feel tired at the right time. Also try shutting off any electronic devices an hour before you go to sleep. The light of these keeps your brain on high alert. You should also get up as soon as you are awake. Don´t keep lying in bed, it´ll make you feel drowsy and just tired again. If you wake up before your alarm and there´s less than 90 minutes left, get up. A normal sleep cycle takes about 90 minutes and if you go to bed now chances are that the alarm will rip you out of a dream.

The Use Of Your Bed I Yes, I know the bed is the comfiest place in the whole wide world. But you should really keep it for sleeping only. Don´t lounge in it. Your brain is associating your bed with sleep, so sitting in there will make you tired and you won´t do anything productive anymore.

Water Instead Of Caffeine I We all know water is good for your body, so drink loads of it. It´ll flush out toxins and other bad things and it just keeps you hydrated. You should really exchange your coffee or green tea with water after 3pm. The caffeine will keep your brain awake at night when all you want is sleep. Nobody likes those nighttime thoughts, do they? Also keep alcohol to rare occasions. Alcohol makes you very sleepy for the first half of the night and wakes you up every few hours in the second half. That´s no recipe for a good sleep.

Plan Your Day I It´s always a good thing to know everything that has to get done. A to-do list or a schedule for your day can help you massively. That way you know what you plan to finish that day and if you´ve still got time you can get something extra done. Just keep in mind that something might always go wrong. So plan about half an hour extra for every thing you need to get done. That way it´s more likely that you get everything done and you might even finish early.

Allow Time Off I Our bodies and brains can´t work for 16 hours on high alert. They need a break from time to time. Allow yourself to have that time off. BUT don´t use that time to slouch down on your couch. That´ll just rip you of any motivation to do something afterwards. Keep your breaks active and try to spend them mostly outside. The fresh air will clear your head and the oxygen will definitely help your brain for the rest of the day.

Clean Environment I We all know that clutter has a negative effect on our brain. An organized environment actually makes your brain more organized and an organized brain is the key to being productive. Going through your room once a day to get rid of all clutter is the perfect solution for this. It´s not really a big effort for everyday and usually only takes me ten minutes or so.

All these steps have helped me massively over the last few weeks. I´ve been feeling so motivated and have honestly been so productive. It has also massively increased my mood every day. I feel like I actually buzz because of all this energy. I don´t get these tired periods anymore that usually stopped be from being productive in the afternoon. It has just felt so good to get up in the morning and immediately feel well rested and energized. So I´d really advise everyone to incorporate these little tips into their life. It´s minimal effort for feeling amazing!


  1. Really wish I could get my sleep pattern back, it really does affect me. Hopefully the baby will start sleeping through soon . Lovely tips I really need to plan my time more
    Carrieanne x
    Beauties Unlocked

  2. Great tips! Writing schedules and to do lists definitely work really well for me as I am always much more likely to do something if I have committed to it and put it in writing. It also allows me to remember exactly what it is I still have left to do. My sleep schedule works pretty similar to yours although getting up at 6am for uni three days a week is not fun! Lovely photographs too :)

    Toni x

    1. Thank you. Yeah, that´s exactly the way it works for me too. Oh no, I´d hate getting up so early. I´m pretty lucky as uni only starts at 10am for me on most days, so I can actually sleep until 8am.


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