I Hat A Dream

When I was little my mom always used to tell me that I had such a glasses- and hat-face. As weird as it sounds, it has proven itself very true. I´ve been wearing glasses for over 5 years now and I haven´t gotten bored of them yet. I love my face with them so much more than without them (besides the fact that I see much better when I have them on). So that´s a check on the glasses-face. Last week I finally took the plunge and ordered a lovely hat to experiment on the hat-face thing.

I found this lovely, camel brown edition of a floppy hat on Asos. The thing that caught my eye first was the colour. It´s such a universal colour that can easily be paired with many outfits. In comparison to a burgundy hat that I also had my eye on this light brown is more fitted towards the upcoming seasons. I also adore the little black strap. It just finishes the look of so nicely. The hat is made from felt and just feels very lovely. The brim is the perfect mix between stiff and soft as it stays up all day but it also can be adjusted to frame your face better.

The best thing about this hat is it´s size. I have quite a normal sized head, I´d say. Still I had many problems with hats I tried on before. They always fit but they were so tight, I could feel a headache coming just from trying them on. I got this hat in a size medium and it fits perfectly. It´s not too tight but it also doesn´t feel like it´s going to fall off my head any second. I honestly can´t wait to wear this hat out once the rain stops and spring comes. All I need now is the perfect spring coat to go with it.


  1. really cute, it definitely suits you!

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. Such a lovely hat, it's really cute. The hat suits you so much x


  3. You look absolutely gorgeous in this photos! You have no idea how lucky you are to have a "glasses face"! xx


  4. Such a lovely hat and you suit it so much!! Love the colour too, perfect for transitioning XX


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