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My life is a mess right now and a stressful one at that. I have exams coming up, lectures still going on and so much other work to do as well. With so many things going on, I easily overwork myself and forget the things my body needs. This mostly ends in my body shutting itself down after all exams are done. So this semester, things are going to be a bit different. I have been trying hard to give myself at least one pamper evening per week as a reward for working so hard. It´s really been the most amazing thing ever!

Hot Showers I For me there is nothing better than a long and hot shower. Preferably in one of these massive showers. I could shower for hours then. It really relaxes me, strips me of all "bad" thoughts and just gets me ready for a nice, relaxed evening and night. I like to use Ritual´s Yogi Flow Shower Foam because it just smells amazing and it really feels luxurious on the skin. If you prefer baths over showers the Lush bath bombs are amazing. But who am I telling that?! Right now I really like the smell of the Magic Wand which is just very, very sweet but so nice for a pamper evening.

Hair Care I Since I started dying my hair ombré, I have been much more aware of my hair care. One of the things I really like right now are hair masks. I´ve fallen in love with Lush´s Roots. It smells so pepperminty fresh and it tingles my head so nicely. And after I wash it out my hair feels amazingly soft and looks just great.

Body Care I Once I get into pamper mood, I like to treat my body to basically everything. Body scrubs are usually something I use more in summer when I´m shaving often but they are also so nice in winter just to treat your skin. Soap & Glory´s Flake Away smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling really soft. After a good shower, my skin needs some moisture. I love the The Body Shop Body Butters (especially in Mango!) but I´ve run out of mine, so I´m currently using the Body Puree as I had that lying around. It also smells so nice and does the trick but it´s still not as moisturizing as a body butter. (side note: since I´m trying to be more cruelty-free, I don´t think I´ll get another body butter)

Face Masks I When you´ve come out of the shower, got into your freshly washed PJs and have put a nice tv show on, the best thing you can do is use a face mask. The hot water has opened your pores so it´ll work wonders and it just enhances the relaxation. I´m currently trying out the Kiko Purifying Mask which I got in the sales. So far I really like it. It doesn´t smell too nice but it has tiny particles in it that clean your pores when you wash it off. Another mask I´d always recommend is Rosy Cheeks by Lush. It just smells so delicate and it makes my skin feel so soft.

Nails I The one thing I like to forget about when I´m stressed are my nails. I just don´t have time to apply nail polish and that leads to me nibbling all the way. So as I´m taking the evening off, they´re getting a special treatment. My current go-to nail polish is the p2 Total Repair Coat which is exactly what it says. It helps strengthening your nails and also makes them look really nice. If I´m feeling extra special, I´ll use the Total Repair Coat as a base and then put the Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polish in 250 Be A Queen! on top. It has such a nice and neutral colour that it goes with everything and is just perfect for the change of season right now.

The two crucial things to a pamper evening besides all the beauty are food and tv shows. This is the night to treat yourself, so indulge in ice-cream and brownies! When it comes to tv shows I´m currently really into Orange Is The New Black and Lie To Me. Both are just amazing. It´s so relaxing to just switch off and get emerged into someone else´s life. But I really try to get an early night, so that I can get a good sleep. The morning after a pamper evening I always feel so refreshes and just better about everything. That´s really all I can wish for.  A pamper evening is definitely a great way to get your mind off of things for a bit!


  1. The Roots hair mask and Rosy Cheeks facemask both look amazing! I have Soap and Glory's flake away and love it :) xx

  2. The Rituals shower foams are so lovely! Also, I definitely need to check out that LUSH face mask, it looks so cute :)


  3. I love the sound of roots! Got to love a good hair mask :)xx
    Charlotte |


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