Benefit Rollerlash Review

If I am completely honest, I never tried a Benefit product before. Shocking, right?! I´m just always worried that the price isn´t worth it and I never knew what I wanted. Recently I´ve seen a lot of advertisement for the Rollerlash Mascara on tv and as I have pretty straight lashes myself, I thought I´d give it a try.

Just to clear this out before. My usual lash routine consists of two circuits. In the first I heat up my eyelash curler to curl my lashes and then apply a coat of mascara. After that´s almost dried, I curl my lashes again and add another coat of mascara. It takes so much time and the result never lasts the whole day. So I went to the Benefit counter and asked the lady there if the Rollerlash Mascara was as good as it was advertised. We had a very lovely and very informative chat about it and she put it on my lashes. I was pretty enchanted, so I bought it.

The packaging of it is so cute. It´s a normal black container with pink writing on it and the cap is also pink but has a detailed, almost rubber-like texture to it. It just looks very lovely on your dressing table. The plastic wand is where the magic lies. It has a pretty extrem curve and a bit of pink shines through the black mascara. With it´s Hook´n´Roll technique it´s supposed to catch the lashes lifting and curling them. It has tiny hooks on the bristles that are on the curve and if you roll them through your lashes, they´re set.

The first thing I noticed about this mascara was what a deep black colour it has. It´s honestly just amazing because it really makes your lashes noticeable. I´ve found that thanks to the wand it´s pretty easy to apply. The lady at the counter told me to go through my lashes once with the side that is curved inwards and then roll through them with the outwards curved side. But this adds way too much mascara and just looks bad. I´d suggest just rolling through them with the outwards curved side.

(without mascara, usual routine, Benefit Rollerlash)

Although I was pretty skeptical, the mascara adds a pretty good curl to my lashes. You always have to consider that my lashes are pretty damn straight, so to even give any curl to them is already amazing. It basically adds the same curl that my lashes have at the end of the day with the usual routine. For that alone it should win an award or something. However, I´ve tried to enhance the curl with an eyelash curler and other things but it just won´t enhance. So that´s disappointing. Also I really dislike how much this mascara clumps my lashes together. I basically don´t have individual lashes anymore as soon as I wear it.

I do love the weightless feeling of this mascara. I really can´t feel it on my eyes. It also makes your lashes very flexible while they stay in position. That does not only add to a more natural look but is also so much better for your lashes. The best thing about this mascara is it´s holding power. It really does hold the curl - however tiny it might be - for 12 hours. It even survived a whole hour of Zumba without reducing the curl in any way. That´s amazing for a non-waterproof mascara (even my waterproof one doesn´t do that!).

Still, I feel very unsure about how I feel about the Rollerlash Mascara. Taking all points together it is a really great mascara but somehow I´m still disappointed. I find myself going back to my old routine more and more now. Mainly I´m using this mascara if I am in a rush or too lazy for usual routine. I´m sure it´s better for my lashes and it saves me a lot of time but I´d still like a bit more of a curl. I do, however, think that if you´ve got naturally curled lashes this would be the perfect mascara for you! It is amazingly deep black, lasts all day long, is great for your lashes and enhances your curl! Sadly, it´s just not right for me.


  1. I actually think that this is one of Benefit's best mascaras, but you can definitely get better ones elsewhere with the same price! The curls are visible, but you,re right, there could be more curls and more volume!

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

  2. I'm yet to try Rollerlash too but I like the sound of how black it is. Great review and honesty is always appreciated! xx

  3. Its a shame its not for you as this is my all time favourite mascara! I love the weightless feeling and the curl it gives :) Love the honest review though!! xx

  4. I love the rollerlash but I suppose beauty products can't please us all - I hope you find a lash product that gives you everything you need - and when you do, don't forget to tell us about it :)


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