Winter Lipcare

The transition from autumn into winter always hits my lips the hardest. My skin is mostly fine but my lips are almost always chapped or have these little wounds in the corners (they hurt so damn much!!). Dry or chapped lips are the most annoying thing because you can barely hide them. Putting lipstick on will online enhance it. The constant change between dry, heated air and the cold wind only make matters worse. Recently I decided that this had to stop, so I did some research and tested a few of the tips I found.

The most obvious tip is always having a lip balm with you. I am a lip balm hoarder anyway, so I just put one in every jacket and every bag I could own. That way I am sure that I always have one with me when my lips start to feel dry (which they do a lot). As I am a very forgetful person, this is the only way for me. If you´re super organized when it comes to packing your bag, you could also just remember to take one with you.

But lip balms are very different. Some are better, some are worse. when you´re on the hunt for a new one, have a look at the ingredients. Some of the best lip balms have aloe vera in them. It just really moisturizes and heals your lips but these are hard to find. I found this one from Balea in my local drugstore. Other good lip balms have oils as the main ingredients. They spent a massive amount of moisture while giving you that soft feeling. Also beeswax (cera alba) is a good ingredient. It nourishes your lips while also building a protective layer, so that the wind can do no harm. I love the EOS lip balms or Bee Natural´s lip balm for this. If you have really badly chapped lips or those little wounds, try a healing cream with dexpanthenol as an ingredient. It helps your skin in the healing process.

When you´ve found the perfect lip balms and take them with you, remember one more crucial thing: don´t ever lick your lips! It often seems like the easiest solution to a dry feeling lip but it just dries them out so much. The wind will immediately dry the moisture and then you have to lick them again and again and again and again. So rather grab the lip balm you keep in your jacket & use it as it builds a protective layer that keeps the moisture on the lips.

Hand in hand with that goes giving up matte lipsticks for the course of the winter. I know this is hard because I love my trusty Rimmel Kate Moss 107 too but matte lipsticks always dry your lips out. We really don´t want to add to the weather drying out our lips. So rather go with a shiny lipstick or none at all. You can still occasionally wear a matte one (I do that too) but just don´t do it every day and take good care of your lips afterwards.

Taking care of your lips is essential during winter. We do that for our skin all the time but we often forget our lips. I love using lip scrubs or tooth brushes to get rid of the old skin on my lips. It´ll not only make the surface of your lips really smooth but also increases the blood circulation. Good blood circulation is needed for cell renewal and it also gives your lips a nice natural red tint. My favourite lip scrubs are from Lush. I´d also suggest using a very nourishing lip balm after the scrub (preferably the one with aloe vera) to give back the moisture that you just stripped them off.

Lastly, lip masks are just wonderful. It sounds really strange, I know, but take care of your lips the same way you do with your skin. A mask for your lips is easily done at home. Mix some curd or natural yogurt with honey and apply a thick layer of it to your lips. Then let it sit there for about 10-15 minutes. Wash it off with a soft, wet cloth and apply a rich, nourishing lip balm afterwards. Even easier is making yourself a green tea and then putting the tea bag on your lips. Leave it there for about 10 minutes while you wait for your tea to cool down. I also found many websites suggesting to use honey as a overnight mask but I´m very skeptical towards this. Wouldn´t this just make your whole pillow very sticky?! I rather use my lip balm with urea as a night treatment.

As you can see it´s actually pretty easy to take care of your lips but we often forget it because we´re much more focused on our skin. With these tips though you will survive the cold that has come now. If you really don´t want to take any risks with your lips, then I suggest staying inside where the weather won´t affect you. That´s also a pretty good excuse for staying in bed and watching Netflix the whole day.


  1. These were some great tips! I've never tried Burt's Bees but I love the EOS lip balms - I have three! Lush lip scrubs are also my favourite, I use these before applying anything onto my lips. A lip mask sounds really interesting, I've never tried or even heard of doing this before!

    Toni x


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