New Year, New Accessories

Women hoard handbags and shoes. That´s the stereotype, right? Well, I could never confirm this for myself. The thing I do hoard is jewelry. It´s at a point where it´s not even funny anymore. I can´t be let into Primark because I´ll probably just come out with a bag full of jewelry. Contrary to that, I haven´t been wearing much jewelry lately. That´s what makes it really problematic right now. So I thought what better way to motivate myself to wear more jewelry than to buy some new items? That totally makes sense, right?

I stumbled upon this necklace in the H&M Christmas sale. It only cost me like £1.50 because it´s originally Christmas themed. It has a lot of exchangeable Christmassy pendants like squirrels, a sock or a candy cane. I do think that this dear is pretty neutral though and I absolutely love it.

On the same trip I found this gorgeous ring in the sales section in a little local shop. It´s just really pretty and sparkly. I like the leaf details at the side and I adore the mint colour of the stone. It´s pretty hard to wear with other jewelry though because with all the sparkle it looks more silver but it´s actually gold. Also it´s very hard to find other jewelry with this exact mint colour. I still adore this ring though!

Even though I definitely own enough gold earrings, I couldn´t not buy these. I´m a fan of feathers anyway and I love how extraordinary they are. I mean different sides and earcuffs are a trend right now but I don´t actually see many people wearing them. So the combination of both is just amazing. I think these look very interesting, especially if I have my hair down and you can only see them shine through.

For my birthday last year my best friend gave me this lovely silver bracelet with our names written on it. It´s a typical gesture for couples here in Germany and I´ve always made fun of it but was secretly pretty jealous. I think she noticed that, so this is just the loveliest gift. This was also shortly after I moved away and now I can have her with me all the time.

Because of this silver bracelet, I had to invest in some more silver jewelry. I do own quite a bit but it´s all pretty old because I went more towards gold in the last year. I found this very simple necklace from H&M. I think it just looks so chic. I´m really into short and unflashy necklaces lately as I find these easier to pair with my current style. This is the perfect simple necklace for me.

On the way to the register in H&M I also spotted these earrings. As I mentioned earlier, I like earrings that look a bit more special and these certainly do. At first glance they look pretty ordinary and simple but if you have a closer look, you´ll see that they stand out. I do really love these with my hair down again because it just makes them a bit more mysterious but I can also totally see myself wearing these with an updo.

Fingers crossed I´ll actually start wearing more jewelry from now on. Otherwise I just spent money on jewelry that I could have used otherwise. Oh, well. I will not give into these thoughts too much though. I´ll just make the best of it. I think these pieces really fit my style right now, so they´ll be easier to pair with my outfits. Also I think I should really invest in some good storage for all of my jewelry because I just can´t be bothered to untangle everything when I want to wear it.


  1. I love the looks of these! These jewellery pieces are so simple and definitely go well with lots of different outfits! My favourite is definitely that deer necklace, but I do love the feather earrings too! :)

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

  2. These are some gorgeous pieces, I love the ear chain and the deer necklace. That was such a bargain at £1.50!!

    Toni x

  3. really cute picks, especially love the little ring!

    danielle | avec danielle

  4. I hoard watches and handbags instead of the usual shoes :) The H&M stag necklace is super pretty and for 1.50 Euro a perfect find!

    Caz | Style Lingua


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