Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polish

I haven been loving all of the Essie nail polishes for years now. They are really high quality and their brush is amazing but they´re also quite expensive for nail polishes. I would only ever get them as a treat for myself and never buy them randomly. You can imagine that my collection isn´t too big. By chance I have a new nail polish brand that can give me the same quality for a third of the price.

The Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polishes retail for 3€. They come in a very nice and sleek cuboid glass container with a black screw-on lid. I love the glass container because you can see the real colour on first glance. Although you should keep in mind that they dry a bit darker. I really like the brush even though it´s no Essie brush. It´s just a bit thinner but it allows a very precise and even application.

My mom was the one who introduced me to these nail polishes. She put one in 050 Party Princess in my advent calendar. It´s a very sparkly burgundy shade that I have been wearing a lot ever since I got it. After trying this one out, I immediately went and got two more shades. I fell in love with the colour 250 Be A Queen. It´s a darkened lilac with a grey undertone. I think it´s perfect for this season and really in trend right now. The last colour I chose was 220 Princess Dreams, a gorgeous light pink with just the slightest shimmer. The shimmer in it really makes it shine and stand out. This will be perfect in spring.

The first thing that astonished me about these nail polishes is that they´re completely opaque and even in one layer. I rarely get that with nail polishes these days. I still like to apply two very thin layers because that way it´s easier to even it all out. They are advertised as quick-drying but I´d say they´re more average. They look dry very soon and you can easily add a second layer after a few moments but they take their time to fully dry like every other nail polish too.

They don´t have "shine" in their name for nothing. I was really impressed with the shine and there´s no topcoat needed for this. In general these nail polishes don´t need a topcoat because they have a very strong lasting power. This is the main reason why I love them so much. I have a very busy life and can´t sit still for 1-2 hours every other day to apply a new nail polish. With these ones I don´t have to. Depending on what you do I have found them to last up to 8 days! That´s a whole week without them starting to chip. They seem to have almost no enemies except for actively picking/biting your nails and very hot showers.

Overall, I´ve been really impressed with the Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polishes. The colours are gorgeous and they have a great range to choose. They have a great quality for an affordable price and their lasting power is simply amazing. As you can easily slip them in your basket without having to think twice I´m pretty sure that my collection of these will grow over the next few weeks.


  1. Oh wow they look lovely - fantastic coverage and finish. I hope I can find these here x

  2. Loving 050 Party Princess, not usually the colour I would go for, but the metallic effect is too gorgeous!

    Holly |

  3. They all look gorgeous! The shades are just beautiful, Lisa! I'd love to try them out since I'm a nail polish sucker! Have a nice week! (:

    Ale |

  4. Opaque in one layer? That sounds fantastic! The colours are gorgeous, too! Lovely review, Lisa!

    May | THE MAYDEN | bloglovin'

  5. Beautiful shades! And I just love signature picture at the end! xx


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