Keeping Warm

I´ve been and always will be the first to admit that it has gotten cold outside. As soon as the temperature starts to drop under 5°C I´m wearing to layers of everything and am cuddled up in a blanket as soon as I´m inside. I won´t even stop wearing tights underneath my jeans until the temperatures go over 10°C again (I know, I´m crazy!). This year the winter has been very mild so far but now temperatures are dropping. Since I´ve got so much experience with this, I thought I´d share some of my tips on how to get away with being warm at all times but still be stylish.

Layering is everything for the colder season. Just wear as many layers as you can. I like to go with a top, then a shirt, a jacket on top and a big scarf to top it all of. It´ll not only keep you warm but it´s also very practical. If it gets to hot inside, you can just get rid of one layer. Luckily, layers also have been in style for years during winter now.

We all go for thick, warm jackets but our legs are left out too freeze. I know that this is a trick my mom used on me when I was little and have started using it again. Tights under jeans. They do wonders in keeping you warm and usually nobody can see them. I wouldn´t wear them if you´ve got PE though. I got this cute pair from Primark and I´ve been using it for a few weeks. They´re really lovely.

Knee high socks have been an amazing trend during summer and autumn this year. I figured they´d be pretty handy for underneath jeans as well. If you don´t want to go for tights yet or want some extra warmth, just add some knee high socks. You could also wear them between jeans/tights and boots. I love this pair from H&M because it´s not only very snuggly but also pretty stylish.

I already featured blanket scarfs as a Fashion Favourite at the beginning of autumn on this blog. They´re still one of my favourite accessories. First off, they are very stylish and everywhere right now. But worn as either just a very big scarf or thrown over your shoulder on top of your jacket they´ll also keep you very warm. My favourite is this simple beige one with a black check pattern from Zara.

Arguably the best way to stay warm is buying a big, warm and snuggly jumper but sadly many of those don't look too great. Luckily, the fashion industry has empathy with us freezing but stylish ladies this season. You can find very stylisj and warm jumpers at every corner. I got this one from Primark and it's so fluffy. I could live in this jumper! If you're one of the priviliged ones you could also steal a decent looking jumper from your boyfriend. With the right styling it looks amazing!

For our hands we obviously take gloves but I know my fingers will still be ice cold. These little things are called Pocket Heaters. They're basically tiny hot-water bottles that you can carry around with you. The chemicals in the clear fluid react when you snap the little metal plate inside and create a white, hardening and warm substance. The best part is that you can put it in hot water afterwards and it returns to the clear fluid. I like to stuff those in the pockets of my jacket or inside my gloves. Here in Germany you can find them in almost every store and I've collected these over the past years.

For now I´ve been doing very well with these tips but because it's already January and we've got global warming I don't think the cold part will last too long. Not that I like global warming in any way though!! I'm just hoping for spring to come soon this year. As long as it's on its way it could send some sunshine ahead though. Until then I'll give my best to stay warm.


  1. I love fluffy socks, loose jumpers, cozy scarves. You had all my favourites together.
    Have a nice day, Lisa!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

  2. I wear sweaters all the time in the winter! They're a bit harder to style uniquely, especially if they're not just neutrals though, so I've been trying them out with knee high boots and skirts! Excited for when the weather finally gets warmer though.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  3. I don't wear tights under jeans but that's a great idea. I did, however, purchase tights with a fleece lining & they rock!! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  4. I actually wear tights under my jeans! Jeans can be really icy during winter, I love this tights-trick. The fluffy jumper is lovely, seems like you can wear it with everything! I'm thinking about trying the knee high socks one.. great advice!!

    x federica |


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