Improving Creative Writing

When people talk about creative writing they mostly mean authors or poets. I like to call myself a creative writer too, and I´d never say that I could write the next Harry Potter or even a nice haiku. I´ve had my share of experience with creative writing though and I love it. I´ve written too many stories and poems to count, I even started writing two books. Nowadays I spent my creativity on this blog which suits me even  more than stories or poems. I was shocked when I searched the internet for a few more techniques to improve my creative writing because all that came up where tips for when you´re having writers block. So I pulled out my old file from this workshop that we had in our school and I wanted to share some techniques for creative writing with you.

First off, creative writing is different for anyone. Some are naturally great at it, some don´t know how to use their words properly. The good thing is that everyone can learn it. Everyone still has their own style in the end but you can improve on how your writing. The first step is surrounding yourself with creative writing that you like, take some inspiration from that. By reading more in the style that you really like, your own style will tend towards that more. Improving your creative writing basically means that you have to improve your creativity and there are a few easy ways to do this.

For me the easiest way are free associations. You just grab yourself a paper, a pen and set a timer for a few minutes. Then you just start to write without hesitation or trying to control what you´re writing. Just let the words flow out of your head. You could also specify this task a bit more by taking a random word and writing down the next word that comes to your mind. It´s maybe a bit easier because you´ve got something to go from and it´s fun to do with other people because everyone associates different things with these words. Both practices take away the fear of an empty paper and open up your mind.

When it comes to creativity your imagination is where to start. Just imagine the strangest situation you can - like being trapped in a bubble in the middle of a river - and write a litte story to it. Try to include what all of your senses take in in that story. If you can´t come up with a situation, you could also write to a stimuli. Find yourself a song, a picture, a smell or something else as a start point and write your story from there on. Both exercises help you experiencing your surroundings better which is absolutely necessary if you want to write creatively.

If you really want to test your creativity you can just try to connect random things with each other. A word basket will help you do so. For that you need to write random words on paper strips, fold them and put them in some form of container - preferably a basket for the name. Now you pull out 4-5 paper strips and try to combine these to a story. Another way to do this is using a cube story. Now this one takes a bit of preparation. Prepare nine cubes that show different symbols on all sides and then roll them. Start your story with "Once upon a time..." and try to combine all nine symbols into this story. This will help you get more creative in combining different things and in getting a storyline that isn´t too obvious.

Probably the best thing to do to train your creativity is to get together in a group. You can play little writing games that are not only fun but also help you see other´s perspectives and ideas. There are many writing games out there but if you´re really feeling creative you could also come up with your own game. My personal favourite is a passing story. Everyone writes a sentence on the top of a paper and then folds it so that the sentence can no longer be read. Then the paper gets passed to the person sitting left (or right, whatever you prefer). Everyone writes down a sentence again and folds the paper again. After passing the paper on all the steps are repeated until everyone has their first paper back. Now you´ll have a very random story that makes no sense but is so much fun to read out.

These are obviously only a few techniques you can use. If you´re really interested in some more, come and ask me or do a really extensive search online. Personally, I love writing games the most because you´re in a group. You can´t take everything too serious there and you´ll just laugh while also improving your creativity. Maybe, only maybe, you might find the exact idea you needed with that group. But the best point is that you´re not getting lonely just because you like to write.

If you´re interested in more things about how I write, you can go over to the Paperblanks blog. There´ll be a blogpost written by me up in the next few days. I discuss wether writing in a notebook or on your computer is better.


  1. This is such a unique & cool post! I love the idea of doing word association. Seems like a fun but easy game to get some inspiration. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. What a great post, thanks for the tips i'm definitely going to try them out! keep writing :)


  3. I love all these ideas! I've been itching to get back into creative writing for ages, and think this will be a way for me to start! :D


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