Cruelty-Free Blogging

Even though I never had any pets (stupid fur allergy in our family!) I always had a very big heart for animals. When I was younger I always wanted to learn horseback riding and I wanted my grandparents to get a dog again. None of these dreams came true. This love had never intervened with anything until a few years back when my ignorance started to fade - ignorance definitely is bliss. I started eating less meat and only the "better" versions. Very recently I´ve been painfully aware of animal testing and it´s something I just can´t wrap my head around.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

I´ve heard a lot about the NYX lip products but always thought that they were one of the products I couldn´t get in Germany - much like my beloved Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I had already put them on my list of things to get once I come to visit London again. Much to my surprise I discovered them in a beauty shop when I was doing my Christmas shopping in Munich. Without thinking too much about it I quickly grabbed four of the Soft Matte Lip Creams. One as a gift for a friend and three as a early Christmas gift to myself. You got to treat yourself during Christmas as well, right?

The Drowning of Arthur Braxton - Book Review

Ever since I was little I have been an avid reader. I used to read about 15 books (that´s as much as my library allowed me to borrow) in 3 weeks. As I got older this number severely declined. But I always wanted to read so much more! So at the end of last year, I finally got a Goodreads account - yay! The first book they suggested to me was The Drowning of Arthur Braxton and with the glowing reviews and the note that it will be made into a movie soon, it didn´t took me long to read it.

I´m really trying to keep this spoiler-free, so read on! Also sorry, for the length of this, I tried to cut it down but I just couldn't *see-no-evil monkey emoji*

New Year, New Accessories

Women hoard handbags and shoes. That´s the stereotype, right? Well, I could never confirm this for myself. The thing I do hoard is jewelry. It´s at a point where it´s not even funny anymore. I can´t be let into Primark because I´ll probably just come out with a bag full of jewelry. Contrary to that, I haven´t been wearing much jewelry lately. That´s what makes it really problematic right now. So I thought what better way to motivate myself to wear more jewelry than to buy some new items? That totally makes sense, right?

Winter Lipcare

The transition from autumn into winter always hits my lips the hardest. My skin is mostly fine but my lips are almost always chapped or have these little wounds in the corners (they hurt so damn much!!). Dry or chapped lips are the most annoying thing because you can barely hide them. Putting lipstick on will online enhance it. The constant change between dry, heated air and the cold wind only make matters worse. Recently I decided that this had to stop, so I did some research and tested a few of the tips I found.

Improving Creative Writing

When people talk about creative writing they mostly mean authors or poets. I like to call myself a creative writer too, and I´d never say that I could write the next Harry Potter or even a nice haiku. I´ve had my share of experience with creative writing though and I love it. I´ve written too many stories and poems to count, I even started writing two books. Nowadays I spent my creativity on this blog which suits me even  more than stories or poems. I was shocked when I searched the internet for a few more techniques to improve my creative writing because all that came up where tips for when you´re having writers block. So I pulled out my old file from this workshop that we had in our school and I wanted to share some techniques for creative writing with you.

Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polish

I haven been loving all of the Essie nail polishes for years now. They are really high quality and their brush is amazing but they´re also quite expensive for nail polishes. I would only ever get them as a treat for myself and never buy them randomly. You can imagine that my collection isn´t too big. By chance I have a new nail polish brand that can give me the same quality for a third of the price.

Keeping Warm

I´ve been and always will be the first to admit that it has gotten cold outside. As soon as the temperature starts to drop under 5°C I´m wearing to layers of everything and am cuddled up in a blanket as soon as I´m inside. I won´t even stop wearing tights underneath my jeans until the temperatures go over 10°C again (I know, I´m crazy!). This year the winter has been very mild so far but now temperatures are dropping. Since I´ve got so much experience with this, I thought I´d share some of my tips on how to get away with being warm at all times but still be stylish.

Being Myself

found on Pixabay
The new year has started which means everyone´s still sticking to all of their fabulous resolutions. For a couple of reasons I´m not doing resolutions this year. The main reason being that I failed them every year. Never has the start into a new year felt better for me, so I though I wouldn´t ruin it by giving myself resolutions that I won´t stick to. I only set myself one resolution back in November: always being honest with and to myself.