Winter Dreams III

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you get the chance to spend the Holidays with your family and to really enjoy the last of the festive spirit before it all ends. Personally, I´ll be spending these days writing an essay for uni while my family will watch one movie after the other. But at least I am home with them. As a little gift from me to you I´m presenting you my favourite Christmas market of all time. It´s "Tollwood" in Munich which calls itself a Winter Festival.

I haven´t done any research on this but I believe this is one of the biggest Christmas markets out there. It´s placed on the Therese´s Green in Munich. There are many booths set outside that sell food and drinks. Only a few sell handmade candles or african decorations. Additionally, there are massive tents that you can enter. The tents house everything from a stage where bands perform to every food you could ever want to a bazar. I especially love the bazar. There you can find all the booths selling handmade jewelry, light decorations or self-made booze. Also you´ll find handbags and Christmas decorations. The reason I love it so much is that you´ll only find things that you wouldn´t get on a usual Christmas market. Many things are very beautiful and unique.

Even though I am a huge fan of Christmas decorations I don´t mind the lack of them on Tollwood as much. They really keep the decorations in the tents to a minimum but many of the booths outside go full on. It´s a great balance between both. Speaking of booths outside, the food there is to die for. It might be a bit more expensive because it´s organic but I honestly had the best burger of my life there. They also offer very extraordinary foods like chocolate kebab. I´ve never been to a food festival but I like to believe that Tollwood could be one.

Tollwood definitely isn´t your typical Christmas market. It mainly tries to raise awareness for environmental issues. Everything there is organic and economical. It even runs with green energy. Right before the entrance you are greeted by an army of man made out of garbage. I think that´s pretty amazing for a Christmas market. Instead of having a massive Christmas tree, their Christmas tree is a statue made out of used green plastic. One of my favourite things there are the actors and actresses dressed as light fairies on stilts. They look amazing and they put on a really great show just outside on the roads. It´s so gorgeous.

Tollwood has a very special atmosphere to it. It feels so much more relaxed and calm than other Christmas markets. I don´t even mind the lack of Christmas music. The roads are built so wide that you´ll never feel cornered and everyone´s always so friendly and happy. I find myself going around the booths in awe of what is sold there many times. I really love being there and I really wish I´d live in Munich, so I could go more often. If you ever find yourself in or around Munich during December, definitely check it out!

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  1. Happy Christmas lovely! This market looks amazing, I've put it on my bucket list! xx


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