Winter Dreams II

Last year´s trip to Munich was amazing. Even though I went all by myself, I had the best time window shopping and strolling around the Christmas markets. Munich in itsel is a beautiful city, pair it up with Christmas lights, music and happy people, it´s just wonderful. So I decided to make this a tradition for every year. My trip down to Munich last Tuesday was just as amazing as the one last year if not a bit better because the weather was gorgeous too. I did a lot of my Christmas shopping and ended the day with a nice stroll around the Chrismtas markets. It was magical.

The Christkindlmarkt is set in front of the town hall and then spreads out right through the city and the main shopping street. There´s the biggest Christmas tree set right in front of the town hall. It just looks so special. There are little booths with amazing decoration on top everywhere selling exactly what you´d expect from a German Christmas market. You can get gingerbread, chocolate fruits, handmade jewelry and baubles and other christmassy items at every corner. Honestly, those are not really the things I´d buy but they are so corny that it just gets you in the christmassy mood.

Again, the food is amazing and spreads its smell around every little street. If you´re not getting hungry there, you are not human. Mulled wine is sold at almost every booth and there´s always Christmas music coming from somewhere. I love the atmosphere around it. People are Standing in little groups drinking mulled wine, talking and laughing. Everyone just seems so happy that it just makes me smile (even when I´m all by myse-he-lf).

My favourite part is the big ice rink at the Karlsplatz where the Christmas market ends (or starts, depending on where you´re coming from). The ice rink is embedded in a huge booth that sells all the christmassy food and drinks you want. There are also a lot of tables around it and you can take a seat on the roof. From up there you can watch everyone having the time of their lives on the ice rink. There´s music playing and the disco lights are on. I just love Standing up there, immersed in the atmosphere looking down on everyone having fun.

This year´s trip has definitely confirmed that this tradition is amazing. December is such a busy month for me at university that I find it very hard to get into the Christmas spirit. Just taking a day off and having such a nice and relaxing day is the best feeling in the world. Whenever I get stressed afterwards, I just take a minute and think back to it and I´m instantly feeling a little better about the world. It´s also the day that really gets me excited for Christmas. So it´s just the best Tradition ever.


  1. Wow this looks lovely, especially the food! Lovely photography. Thanks for sharing! :)

    xoxo Emily

  2. This trip looks amazing definitely a must visit :-)

  3. Munich is my all time favourite city! I'm so jealous you experienced it at christmas, oh how I want to go back :') beautiful photos, reminds me of my amazing trip x (


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