Tanya Burr Cosmetics Review

I´m always excited to try out new make up (obviously) and months ago recently Tanya Burr re-launched her cosmetics range. I bought a nail polish and a lipgloss back in summer 2014 and I thought they were okay. I wasn´t just going to buy okay products because of a new design no matter how gorgeous it is. But I heard so many great things about them that I got really curious if something did really change. Naturally, I went and ordered three new products online. Instead of separating it all into three smaller posts I thought I´d just give you a full-on master post.

Peachy Glow Cheek Palette

I´m actually not a big fan of the packaging here. It looks a bit childish and cheap next to the other products. Also it is very easily damaged if you put it in a bag. It is very easy to open and close though. I like the mirror on the inside even though it could be a bit bigger. I really love that it doesn´t come with a cheap brush like many palettes and I love the idea of a full cheek palette. It´s easy to take with me on any trip.

The palette consists of a contour/bronzer, a blush and a highlight. Beach Bronze is a glittery contour shade in a nice brown that fits paler skin tones really well. Personally, I´m not a big fan of glitter in a contour but this glitter is quite subtle (under the surface) so it could work really well in summer. Apricot Flush is one of the prettiest, shimmery apricot colours that I´ve ever laid my eyes on. I love peachy, apricot blushes for everyday use. Champagne Shimmer is as the name suggest a gorgeous shimmery champagne highlighter. All the colours are very blendable and have the perfect pigmentation for daily use. You can really dip your brush in without immediately looking like a clown. Also it can be built up a bit if you want to. I really love that the shades fit very well with each other. It´s a really good everyday look.

Lipgloss in Afternoon Tea

I really love the packaging on this. With the transparent plastic and gold cap and writing it looks and feels really high end. I like that in comparison to the old packaging the signature heart is now printed into the cap rather than on a sticker. The straight doe foot applicator is pretty standard but it allows a very easy and even appliance.

Afternoon Tea is an amazing peach lipgloss with gold glitter. I really love the smell of this lipgloss. It´s artificial and sweet and the lipgloss also tastes like it (not that I´m saying you should eat it!). The pigmentation isn´t too good though. I can barely see it on my lips when I apply it. It rather just adds the glossy shine and a bit of glitter. Also it really sticks to dry patches and lines on my lips over the day (because that´s where I can see the colour then). I will say though that it is not as sticky as other lipglosses I own. It still catches my hairs but it doesn´t feel sticky or heavy on the lips. Sadly, I can´t say too much about the lasting power because I can´t see the colour on my lips. Judging by the feeling on my lips it lasts about 4 hours.

Nail Polish in Fairy Godmother

The packaging is in the same style as the lipgloss, so I absolutely adore it. The brush is pretty small and thing which was irritating at first. I´m used to the big brushes that Essie and many other brands use but I got used to it pretty quickly. I find that it allows a very precise and clean application.

Fairy Godmother is such a pretty pastel lilac with more of a blue undertone. I love it for every season because it´s such a unique and versatile colour. It´s completely opaque in two layers and it really needs those two layers because the first one is a bit streaky. Without a top coat over it it lasts about 2-3 days before it starts chipping. Mostly it has started chipping on the second day on my left hand (although I´m mostly right-handed?!). I think with a top coat you could get about 4-5 days of wear out of it.

Overall, I really love the range of products by Tanya Burr. I´m really impressed with the Cheek Palette and the Nail Polish. The only disappointment was the lipgloss, mainly because the pigmentation is so bad on it. Or maybe my natural lip colour is just too dark for this shade. They look really great whenever Tanya wears them in her videos, they look amazing. I really like that they´re not sticky, so I might get another one in a stronger shades. Please tell me what you´re experience with those have been. I also really want to try out Tanya´s lashes because I´ve only been hearing good things about them. So if you happen to find yourself in Superdrug or on FeelUnique.com you definitely should check that whole range out.

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  1. This was an interesting review! I'm always hesitant to try Youtiber things after a bad reaction to the Zoella body mist! I think these look fab though and most Youtubers have upped the game a bit with new collections. I loove the look of the nail polish!!XXX


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