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Jeans H&M (similar) I Jumper H&M I Jacket H&M Divided I Shoes H&M Divided I Scarf Zara (black/white)

I will probably never forget the hype that surrounded H&M´s collaboration with Designer Balmain. To be completely honest, I didn´t know anything about it until the day that it launched. The only reason I did notice it was everyone on Twitter moaning that the website had a problem and they couldn´t order. Afterwards you couldn´t count the amount of Blogposts about it. Everyone and their grandma was showing off what they got. As this collaboration (or rather Balmaination) isn´t done here in Germany, I found myself getting a bit of a fashion envy. So I did what every rational person would do. I went into town and had a stroll in my local H&M.

I´m not even kidding when I´m saying that this jumper might be the comfiest one I own. I got it a size bigger to have it really nicely oversized and it´s just the best thing in the world. I fell in love with the colour at first sight. It´s such a nice dark burgundy tone that fits in perfectly with the colder seasons. It´s just such a comfortably jumper that is acceptable to wear outside and that´s the best thing ever. Initially I went into Zara just to get some inspiration for an outfit but I bought a scarf instead. I love the colours and how it brings just that little bit extra to the whole outfit. It´s in a creamy white with a softened out navy check pattern. Also it´s huge and soft which is always a plus point with me.

When I first thought about an outfit that I could pull together around the jumper, I was thinking of an olive jacket and black jeans but that all changed when I found this jacket. It´s a really simple black jacket with a simple straight cut and silver details. I think the beauty of this one lays in its simplicity. I will say though that it works like a magnet for hairs and fluff.

The jeans was a very lucky finding. I found it in the sale section with just one in my size left and it was only £10. The olive colour goes so nicely with the burgundy, so it´s a staple for this season as well. I have to admit that I didn´t own any black heeled boots before, so these were something I needed to get. I love the mix of textures and the silver zip at the back of the heel. They´re something different than other black boots but still go well with everything.

I already know that I´m going to get a lot of wear out of this whole outfit but also out of each item itself. They´re all winter staples that I needed anyway but in combination they really make a good look. I´m actually glad I got a bit of fashion envy. I don´t think I´d have gotten so much wear out of any item from BalmainxH&M.


  1. Love this outfit! Very similar to stuff I'd wear. I love the boots and the trousers! Handy you got the trousers on sale! x

    1. Thank you. I was so happy when I found them in my size in the sale section. That was like a miracle to me, so obviously I had to get them


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