December Favorites

I´ve noticed that I´m not doing these monthly favorites thing very regularly. Sometimes it´s by choice (because I haven´t found enough new products to love) and sometimes I just forget (because I´m stupid). Then again I really love reading these posts, so I thought I´d round up the year with my favorites from the past two months.

I think my favorite beauty thing of the past months are glitter nails. There´s only so much time we get in the year where gold glitter nails are fully acceptable and I definitely made the most of it this year. As I´m a big fan of Essie either way, it´s no wonder that Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo is one of my favorites. It´s such an amazing gold colour with silver glitter in it. Perfect for the festive season. Another nail polishes has sneaked its way out of my advent calendar into my heart this way. It´s this amazing bugundry glitter shade called Party Princess by Manhattan. One thing (besides the gorgeous colour) I have to point out is the incredible lasting power of this nail polish. Even without a topcoat this lasts about a week before chipping.

I had almost forgotten about my Labello Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose because I´ve been trying out so many other lip products. I´m so glad I found it again because I still love the fruity and sweet smell and taste. It also spends perfect moisture for daily use of it. Speaking of lips, whenever my lips weren´t chapped during the change of seasons I really tried out some amazing lipsticks. The Essence Long-Lasting Lipstick Nude in 05 Cool Nude really stuck with me. Not because it´s really smooth feeling on my lips or the pretty good lasting power but because it´s the perfect nude colour for my lips. It just evens them out perfectly!

Since the festive season basically started at the first of November, I immediately ordered a wintery phone case with my new phone. I found this one via Amazon and it´s from a company called D-Trend. It´s so gorgeous and so wintery and simple that it´s not right in your eye. I just love looking at it. Also it´s a bumber case that goes around the edges, so it also protects the screen a bit and it´s so thin that it doesn´t make my phone bulky. One album I´ve been listening non-stop to on my phone is Meghan Trainor´s Title. I only knew her from the songs on the radio and now finally listened to her full album. She has a really amazing voice and incredible lyrics to fun rhythms. They´re just really catchy, really present her attitude and just put a sassy, dancing smile on your face.

Obviously my favourite part of the past months was spending Christmas with my family (demonstrated by the chocolates, yum!). Since I´ve moved out, I appreciate the time I have with my family so much more. It makes it all a bit more special. I´m so happy I can also stay for New Year´s Eve. The more time I get, the happier I am. I hope you´re having an amazing time too and can happily look back on the past year. For me, it´s had some ups and downs but I´m pretty happy with where I am right now, so I´m excited for the new year. I guess I´ll see you then.

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  1. The Essence lippy is such a gorgeous colour, I need to get my hands on it ASAP!

    Lovely post girl xx

    Holly |


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