Day In The Life of a Psychology Student

December is here. It's definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Besides Christmas nearing in big steps it's also the time where many Youtubers do Vlogmas. I'm a very nosey person, so daily vlogs are my favorite videos. I also love personal posts and seeing what other people get up to on a daily basis. In that spirit I though why not share my typical day with you. So I took my trusty phone with me and took some notes and pictures throughout the day. To be honest I got the idea from Beth over from Toasty Writes. So thank you, Beth!

5:58am My alarm goes off ripping me right out of a weird dream. My parents were fighting over buying a new car. I'm confused and tired. I never feel very good when I have to get up while it´s still dark outside.

6:55am I've showered and done my make up. It's too early to have breakfast, so I'm only drinking my tea whilst watching Youtube.

7:08am I'm late today. I meet my flatmate in the kitchen and try to make myself some breakfast to take with me while brushing my teeth and putting on my shoes.

7:14am I rush out of the door to the bus station right across the street. I made it but the bus is packed.

this is my I´m-too-tired-but-nobody-shall-see-it-smile
7:54am I'm at my uni. The sun has gone up but it's still pretty grey. Time to go and print out todays lectures.

8:15am The first lecture starts. I finally start to wake up. It's actually quite interesting today.

9:47am I ditch my second lecture because my group is doing a little experiment this week and I'm on to lead the collection of data right now.

10:30am My first collection of data starts. Our group is interested in the effect that listening to monotone vs. vivid audiobooks has on driving performance. 

this is how we collect our data. It´s basically like a game of Mario Kart
12:20pm And I'm done with collecting data for the day. Now another member of our group takes over. I think I deserve a little lunch break now. The food in our cafeteria doesn't look the best but it actually tastes quite nice.

1:00pm I've got a meeting with another group for a presentation we have to hold in january.

1:50pm It's finally time to go home. I could do with a nap but there´s no time for it today. So instead I´m having second long naps on the bus home.

2:23pm I need to get some vitamins, so I'm making a quick stop in town and also stroll around our Christmas Market for a minute.

2:55pm As soon as I'm home I change into sweatpants. I'm giving myself a short Youtube break.

3:33pm Okay, that break went on for longer than I wanted it to. I´m starting my uni work now. Usually I´d summarize the lecture from this morning but I´ve got an exam coming in 2 weeks, so I´ll do some preparation for that.

6:33pm Got through most of the things I wanted to get done. Now onto cleaning the flat a bit and making some tasty "apple roses" because my girls are coming over later to watch some Harry Potter.

8:00pm I just so managed to get everything done in time. The flat is looking great and it smells incredible. As usual, all the girls bring some food as well until we run out of space to put all the deliciousness.

11:30pm The girls have left after they helped me clean everything up. It was a great evening and now I can´t wait for the Harry Potter night that we´ll have next week. Onto getting me ready for sleep now.

11:45pm I´m finally in bed! The tiredness is catching up with me now. I´m just watching a few Youtube videos before I put down my iPad and close my eyes.

That's the end of a long day for me. This has been a not so typical but very exciting day for me. That's why I picked it for this. Except for Wednesdays my days usually start around 8. I'm very lucky that uni doesn't start too early for me on most days. Also we don't do experiments all the time and I don't have exams until the end of the semester usually. I might do another one of these of a more typical day if you liked this one. But in general my weeks can't be too well predicted. There's always something going on that makes things a bit complicated but I like that. It keeps me on track.


  1. I LOVED reading this! It's so interesting to see what other people get up to - your day is so different to mine. I hope all of your work goes well! Btw, the food all looks delicious, it sounds like you had a lovely evening :) xx


  2. Your day sounds very busy, but also a of fun! Can't believe how early you get up, I'm struggling to get my eyes open at 7am! Your psychology project also sounds very intriguing, would be interesting to hear the results! :)

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord


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