December Favorites

I´ve noticed that I´m not doing these monthly favorites thing very regularly. Sometimes it´s by choice (because I haven´t found enough new products to love) and sometimes I just forget (because I´m stupid). Then again I really love reading these posts, so I thought I´d round up the year with my favorites from the past two months.

New Year´s Make Up

Now that Christmas is over it´s time to worry about the new year. I mean, what do you wear and what make up look do you go for? A classic red lip looks to much like Christmas but a too sparkly look just looks hideous. Then again you can´t really go without sparkle, can you? Do you see my problem? At least there is enough free time around Christmas to try some things out. That´s exactly what I did and here is my result.

Winter Dreams III

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you get the chance to spend the Holidays with your family and to really enjoy the last of the festive spirit before it all ends. Personally, I´ll be spending these days writing an essay for uni while my family will watch one movie after the other. But at least I am home with them. As a little gift from me to you I´m presenting you my favourite Christmas market of all time. It´s "Tollwood" in Munich which calls itself a Winter Festival.

Christmas Outfit Inspirations

Christmas is just a few days ahead. Is there any need for me to say how fast the festive season has passed? Now comes one of the hardest parts of Christmas. What do you wear? Depending on where you´re from and your family tradition you might spend Christmas completely different from other people. So I came up with three Christmas outfit ideas that I definitely would like to wear on that day.

Winter Dreams II

Last year´s trip to Munich was amazing. Even though I went all by myself, I had the best time window shopping and strolling around the Christmas markets. Munich in itsel is a beautiful city, pair it up with Christmas lights, music and happy people, it´s just wonderful. So I decided to make this a tradition for every year. My trip down to Munich last Tuesday was just as amazing as the one last year if not a bit better because the weather was gorgeous too. I did a lot of my Christmas shopping and ended the day with a nice stroll around the Chrismtas markets. It was magical.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Review

I´m always excited to try out new make up (obviously) and months ago recently Tanya Burr re-launched her cosmetics range. I bought a nail polish and a lipgloss back in summer 2014 and I thought they were okay. I wasn´t just going to buy okay products because of a new design no matter how gorgeous it is. But I heard so many great things about them that I got really curious if something did really change. Naturally, I went and ordered three new products online. Instead of separating it all into three smaller posts I thought I´d just give you a full-on master post.

Winter Dreams

The season for Christmas markets is finally here. If you´ve been here for a while you will know that they are like my favourite thing around Christmas. I´ve done posts for two years about the ones I went to and I´m bringing Winter Dreams back. They´re honestly still my favourite posts to look back on. I remember the atmosphere and how happy I was at that point and the people I went with. It´s the best thing!

Also from a personal perspective German Christmas markets are still the best ones out there, so I´m giving you the chance to see them.

Day In The Life of a Psychology Student

December is here. It's definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Besides Christmas nearing in big steps it's also the time where many Youtubers do Vlogmas. I'm a very nosey person, so daily vlogs are my favorite videos. I also love personal posts and seeing what other people get up to on a daily basis. In that spirit I though why not share my typical day with you. So I took my trusty phone with me and took some notes and pictures throughout the day. To be honest I got the idea from Beth over from Toasty Writes. So thank you, Beth!

H&M Haul

Jeans H&M (similar) I Jumper H&M I Jacket H&M Divided I Shoes H&M Divided I Scarf Zara (black/white)

I will probably never forget the hype that surrounded H&M´s collaboration with Designer Balmain. To be completely honest, I didn´t know anything about it until the day that it launched. The only reason I did notice it was everyone on Twitter moaning that the website had a problem and they couldn´t order. Afterwards you couldn´t count the amount of Blogposts about it. Everyone and their grandma was showing off what they got. As this collaboration (or rather Balmaination) isn´t done here in Germany, I found myself getting a bit of a fashion envy. So I did what every rational person would do. I went into town and had a stroll in my local H&M.