Suitcase Packing

Packing has always been the most stressful part of any holiday for me. I´m always worried I might forget something and I want to take everything in case of any situation happening no matter how unlikely it is. I just want to know I am prepared in case I do want to have an extensive pamper evening or in case I want to go out every night which never happens. Now that I´ve moved out and live far away I am traveling more than ever. I rarely get to go home but it´s always for a few weeks at least. Have you ever tried to fit everything for two months in one suitcase? I did and I failed.

Some friends of mine are very lucky because they can drive home in their own car and can basically take three suitcases if they want to. I am going via train and balancing more than one suitcase and a backpack isn´t going to work. During the summer there were a lot of tips for packing on tv and one in particular caught my eye. Rolling instead of folding.

Yeah, you read that right. I am done with folding everything nicely. From now on I´ll only ever roll my clothes. It saves so much space. I can usually get three rows of rolled items on top of each other or two and a layer of underwear and socks. I´ve estimated that it´s about twice as much as I would be able to pack otherwise. Another great bonus is that the clothes don´t crease as much. It´s not like there´s no creasing at all but less than when you fold them. It´s also the perfect trick for short trips because you can easily live out of your suitcase for a few days with this technique. You can just take items out of it without needing to sort everything again afterwards. How you roll your clothes depends on your personal preference and the item of clothing you want to roll. This technique is not really suitable for big jumpers or jeans but perfect for everything else.

For my travels I use the Wenger Swiss Gear EVO Lite in the smallest size. Its size is 36x55x21cm. Apparently 38 liters fit in there. It´s a double-sided suitcase which I always wanted because I feel like I can fit more in this type of suitcase than in a one-sided. I even got an extra bag for all my beauty products. It´s easier to pack when you don´t have to worry about fitting your toiletries in the suitcase as well. I´ve noticed that his one is often as heavy as the whole suitcase. That´s how bad at packing I am.

Packing is always a very personal thing. Everyone has pet peeves and strategies and that´s great. If you´re struggling with packing then I suggest trying out this technique. I know I can pack very lightly if I want to. One tiny backpack is usually enough for one night but as soon as the trip is longer than that, I´m lost in a sea of items I want to take with me. If you´ve got any tips on that, please let me know. I definitely need to improve this.


  1. OMG! Can you also show how to pack shoes and make-up stuff in one small bag! I have always problems

  2. Your suitcase is OCD heaven, it's so neatly packed! Definitely going to roll my clothes when packing from now on! Thanks for the tip! :)
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