Trying Out More Primark Cosmetics

I´m all about trying out new products. I feel like I can never have enough products even though I already have enough. My last post about Primark Cosmetics seems to be going down really well. I am still so impressed with the lipliners and the blush. Of course I had to go back and purchase some more products. I got curious if the other products would be just as great. This time I decided to focus more on eye make up.

(top row l-r, bottom row l-r)

The first thing I chose was the Eyeshadow Palette 8 Shade Day for £2.50. It comes with 4 browny-nudes and 4 grey shades. There´s a shimmery champagne, a matte brown, a light rosé, a darker rosé as well as a shimmery dark grey, a creamy matte white, a shimmery grey and a matte light grey. All of the colors are gorgeous. The packaging looks high quality with the gold writing on matte black but it actually feels very cheap. Even though I took one from the far back it already came dirty inside. The big mirror on the inside is amazing for taking it on holidays but it´s too loose so that it can only stand up about 80° or lay down. Like all eyeshadow palettes it comes with a brush and applicator that are really cheap and don´t to a very good job. I ditched it after a few seconds.

The first thing I noticed was how crumbly the shadows get when you put your brush in them. Luckily, this doesn´t happen when they´re applied to the skin. The pigmentation is pretty good for the price but the colors aren´t strong enough. They barely show up on my skin. They are also really blendable which adds to this effect. However, the staying power is amazing. Even after 8-12 hours they´re still set in place without any primer underneath. They don´t even crease one bit.

I like the matte shadows just as much as the shimmery ones. I think the mixture of both is great in this palette. The shimmer is a really fine glitter that doesn´t leave any chunks on the skin but rather a general shimmer that comes out when a light shines on it. I´d say the brown colors are more for a very natural everyday look as the grey´s would go better for a light evening out. Also the shimmery champagne color doubles perfectly as a highlighter. It stays in place and gives you the perfect shimmer. The matte brown goes great as a bronzer.

The second product I bought was the Liquid Eyeliner for £1. Again the packaging looks very high end because of the gold on black matte but feels very cheap. In general it´s the typical packaging for a liquid eyeliner. The tip is a quite thin brush that sadly it´s very soft. It easily flicks around when you aren´t careful enough. Also it´s not thin enough to draw a really precise thin line.

The product itself dries to a true matte black. It´s amazingly pigmented. Once it´s set it really doesn´t go anywhere. It lasts all day and even tears can´t tear it down. Before that you need to be very careful with it. Even the lightest touch will smudge the eyeliner. The positive side to this is that you can easily correct it when it´s still wet. The only problem I have found with this eyeliner is that most of it comes off when I curl my lashes. I blamed it on the fact that I heat up my eyelash curler first but this also happens when I don´t use any heat. Applying a good, even eyeliner is hard when you´ve already go mascara on and it also pushes the curl back down.

In the end, both products are really good especially considering their price. I will definitely continue using the eyeshadows for holidays or when I want a very natural look. The shimmery champagne is definitely a staple in my highlighters now. I think this palette would also be great for beginners or people who want to experiment with eyeshadows. I´d love to continue using the eyeliner as well because of it´s staying power but the choice between curling my lashes or having eyeliner is not one I want to make. I guess I will give it to my sister or a friend instead because it´s a really good product. As last time, definitely go and check out the beauty product next time you´re in Primark.


  1. I have to admit that the colors are pretty but they look a bit chalky! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Maybe it´s the lighting? I haven´t really found that they´re chalky.
    The colors are really gorgeous. I wish they would show more on the skin though.

  3. I never think about going to Primark for makeup! I'm definitely going to have a look in future!! xxx


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