Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick Review

I should never be allowed to go into town without a shopping list. When I met my best friend for a coffee in town a few weeks ago, we wandered into our local drugstore just to look around. Unfortunately they had a special offer for lip products. You can already tell where this is going, can´t you? I saw these new Shine Appeal Fluid Lipsticks by Catrice and instantly fell in love with the colours. And because there was an offer on lip products I took all three with me, obviously.

Pink Macaroon I Marry Berry I Better Make A Mauve
The packaging was what caught my eye at first. It looks very pretty and high end and it shows off the gorgeous colour of the product at first glance. The black cap adds to the sleek look and is easy to unscrew but also very secure. I´ve carried them around for days in my purse and they haven´t leaked once. For the application it has a normal straight doe foot applicator. These are the colors I bought.

060 Marry Berry I A pretty berry lilac colour. When it´s applied to the lips it´s a bit more of a pink berry tone. It´s kind of the perfect color for winter now. I loved the color in the packaging already but when I applied it I was seriously in awe. It´s just gorgeous!

070 Better Make A Mauve I A pretty brown mauve tone with glitter inside. It´s kind of the "your lips but better" colour in perfection. It really adds a hint of a brown nude color but lots of shine and glitter.

040 Pink Macaron I A pretty pinky nude colour. Sadly, this product was broken when I bought it. There was something missing inside so that the product just spilled everywhere and there was no way to apply it. I contacted Catrice about this and they took me very seriously. They asked me to send the product in and I received some of their other products and a voucher in return.

I might be really weird but I like the smell of these. It´s really chemically but also really nice. The doe foot applicator is really great here because only a small amount of product comes out with it. This makes a precise application very easy and the color can be layered up really nicely. As the name suggest this fluid lipstick adds a really nice shine to the lips. I will say though that this might be the stickiest lip product I have ever used. It works almost like a magnet at catching my hair and it just feels very heavy and sticky on the lips.

Unfortunately, the product isn´t really long-lasting. I can go about 2 hours with no drinking or snacking and there´ll only be a light sticky stain left. I would definitely recommend to touch it up every few hours. Especially more popping colours need a lot of maintenance during the day but the more neutral colours can be applied a little less often because they just fade away. On the plus side the colour fades away very evenly, so you can also just led it fade away over the day. Personally, I´ve found that the product transfers very easily to other objects. So be careful when snacking and drinking. I do love that the fluid lipsticks don´t crease on the lips and stay very even throughout the whole day.

In the end, I don´t really understand why it´s a fluid lipstick instead of just a shiny lipgloss. Maybe I just have a wrong view on what a fluid lipstick is supposed to be. Someone please clarify this. Even though it´s a very sticky lip product that isn´t lasting to long, the positive side outweighs for me. It just stays very even and shiny and I can deal with the stickiness if I put my hair out of my face. Especially Marry Berry has made it into my favourite autumn lipsticks. The colour is just too gorgeous to let it sit in my drawer. Overall, they´re really good for lip glosses and just need a little maintenance over the day.


  1. I love your new blog design and it makes me very excited and happy every time I come back to it. Well done on all your hard work. Love your photography as well, especially in the close ups and the colours of the lipgloss/sticks are so popping!

    Caz | Style Lingua


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