Binge by Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is the Queen Of The Internet. There´s no way of denying that. He also is one of my favorite Youtubers to watch. His personality is just so happy, cheerful and sassy that his videos make me smile a lot. I like how straight forward he is with his opinion on things. No wonder I was pretty excited when he announced that he wrote a book.

Binge is a collection of personal stories from Tyler. The themes vary between love, family, his Youtube career and mental health. I was honestly surprised by how deep and personal some chapters were and by the things Tyler has been through. His online personality just doesn´t sound like this. It´s really good to see a different side to him though. In general I think the book holds a lot of surprises even for his religious watchers. Still, there are many lighthearted and funny chapters in the book. For me, it was just the right balance between both.

The whole book is written very in-character. There´s the pure sassiness of Tyler´s online personality that you can clearly read between the lines but there´s also a pure and deep honesty to the stories when it´s needed. It´s the mixture of both that really gripped me in the book. I like how mature Tyler looks on some things in the book. Every chapter ends on an inspirational abstract in which Tyler explains what he has taken away from the story. I think that´s lovely because younger readers can take some advice from this. It´s like learning through Tyler´s experiences.

In Binge there´s only one thing that slightly bothered my reading process. The language and some chapters aren´t appropriate for younger readers. I get that this is how Tyler speaks and thinks and personally, I didn´t mind it too much. But personally I wouldn´t give this book to anyone younger than me. Maybe I´m just a bit too closed-minded in this case because the book is clearly aimed at his young readers as well. I like that it´s true to Tyler but this is one thing I didn´t particularly enjoy about the book.

Lastly, I really love the whole design of BingeHave you seen the cover?! The font was really good to read and the candy wrapper theme that is spread throughout the whole book is so creative and beautiful. I also love the purple colour of the hard cover. There are screenshots of tweets and pictures of Tyler in between and at the end of each chapter. I really liked that.

I truly enjoyed every little paragraph of Binge. The whole book just feels very honest and that is always a big plus for me. With just the right balance between seriousness and lightheartedness it´s also perfect for reading before bed. I think it´s so brave of Tyler to speak this openly about issues in his personal life. It´s easy to write a book full of funny stories but it´s very hard to write about so personal issues and it´s even harder to publish them. But this shows how far Tyler has come and that he is ready to talk about everything. One story in particular has stuck with me. It´s about a relationship Tyler was in and he starts to compare relationships with moving boxes into and out of houses. I have never thought of it that way but it´s very true.

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  1. This sounds so good! I'm a little skeptical of youtubers' books ever since I rushed out to buy Girl Online and hated it as it was so geared toward younger readers! This sounds so great though as it is actually about his life! Great post

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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