"25" by Adele

Adele´s back! I couldn´t be happier. After "Hello" broke all the records, it´s no surprise that her new album was eagerly awaited by everyone including me. I probably was the last person to finally listen to "Hello" as it wasn´t played on the radio at first. It was love at first listen. It was everything I could have hoped for. But it also set very high expectations for Adele´s new album "25". Isn´t it lucky that this album can definitely fulfill those?

One thing we don´t need to talk about is Adele´s voice. It´s public knowledge that her voice is incredible and unique. I´m surprised every time by how stunning her voice is because I seem to forget it every time. I love how well her voice can transfer emotions. I get goosebumps all the time when listening to her songs. Also can we take a moment to appreciate Adele as a person? She just seems like a great and fun person to be around and it just makes it all so much better.

Every song on "25" is so very unique and has its own sound. You can tell them all apart by the first ten seconds. I love that. As usual, Adele´s lyrics are very deep, well thought out and just amazing. She used very simple words and that makes it very relatable. I feel like many songs give priority to her powerful voice and let the music accompany it. This just adds to the feeling of the songs. It´s something we rarely get in the music industry now. I truly adore how deep her songs are. After listening for the album on repeat for 5 days now, I can still discover new meanings to the lyrics and new musical hints. Personally, I only knew Adele for her dramatic and sad songs before (because I´m the moron who hasn´t listened to her other albums before) and I was positively surprised by her showing a sassy and happy side in some songs on the album. Those songs are just as amazing as the dramatic ones.

Right when I first listened to the album, I had found my three favorite songs. I love "Hello" for its power and the lyrics, "Remedy" for Adele´s voice and the simple piano and "Water Under The Bridge" for its lyrics and the rhythm. These three really stand out for me. However, all the other songs are amazing as well. They´re all very catchy and you´ll probably catch me humming a song from this album at any time. It´s definitely an album I am not afraid to play on full volume in a public space.


  1. I love Adele and her song Hello, I can't wait to give her album a listen!



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