Binge by Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is the Queen Of The Internet. There´s no way of denying that. He also is one of my favorite Youtubers to watch. His personality is just so happy, cheerful and sassy that his videos make me smile a lot. I like how straight forward he is with his opinion on things. No wonder I was pretty excited when he announced that he wrote a book.

"25" by Adele

Adele´s back! I couldn´t be happier. After "Hello" broke all the records, it´s no surprise that her new album was eagerly awaited by everyone including me. I probably was the last person to finally listen to "Hello" as it wasn´t played on the radio at first. It was love at first listen. It was everything I could have hoped for. But it also set very high expectations for Adele´s new album "25". Isn´t it lucky that this album can definitely fulfill those?

My Favorite Autumn Outfit

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed how much I love autumn. I have always loved it and this year it was especially gorgeous. Even thought it´s November now, we still get a lot of sun and a lot of warmer days over here in Germany. It´s almost ridiculous because Christmas is so close now but I´m still in full-on autumn mode. Luckily, sunny days mean that I can get away with wearing lighter outfits, so I´m getting out all the autumn colours again.

Suitcase Packing

Packing has always been the most stressful part of any holiday for me. I´m always worried I might forget something and I want to take everything in case of any situation happening no matter how unlikely it is. I just want to know I am prepared in case I do want to have an extensive pamper evening or in case I want to go out every night which never happens. Now that I´ve moved out and live far away I am traveling more than ever. I rarely get to go home but it´s always for a few weeks at least. Have you ever tried to fit everything for two months in one suitcase? I did and I failed.

Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick Review

I should never be allowed to go into town without a shopping list. When I met my best friend for a coffee in town a few weeks ago, we wandered into our local drugstore just to look around. Unfortunately they had a special offer for lip products. You can already tell where this is going, can´t you? I saw these new Shine Appeal Fluid Lipsticks by Catrice and instantly fell in love with the colours. And because there was an offer on lip products I took all three with me, obviously.

What´s In My Make Up?

Many of us wear make up almost everyday. I can include myself in that list. But have you ever wondered what it is that you´re putting on your face daily? Yeah, I know foundation, blush, bronzer, concealer and powder. What I mean is have you ever thought about what ingredients those products have? I recently just realized that every make up product I own is basically just a combination of different chemicals that I trust to not harm my body. So I grabbed four of my current favorite products and did some research on the main ingredients.

Girl Online On Tour

Right now there are more Youtuber Books out than I can count on both of my hands and feet. It´s absolutely crazy! But I am all for #TeamInternet and I actually like many of the books I have read. Be prepared for a lot of book reviews coming your way. At the start of the year I reviewed Zoella´s first novel Girl Online and now there´s a second part out already. Of course I have to speak my mind about this one as well. So grab yourself a cookie and a tea and settle in, this is going to be a longer post.

P.S. I´m doing my best to keep this spoiler-free

Trying Out More Primark Cosmetics

I´m all about trying out new products. I feel like I can never have enough products even though I already have enough. My last post about Primark Cosmetics seems to be going down really well. I am still so impressed with the lipliners and the blush. Of course I had to go back and purchase some more products. I got curious if the other products would be just as great. This time I decided to focus more on eye make up.

Kiko 30 Days Extension Night Treatment Booster Review

I´m going to share a little secret with you: the thing I hate the most about my face are my eyelashes. Even though they have a pretty okay length they are just straight and have absolutely no natural curl to them. I have to curl them every morning and often that takes a big part away from the actual length. Luckily, the beauty industry has got me covered. There are a ton of eyelash serums around that are said to give you longer lashes. I get a shock every time I look at the prices. They go up to £100 easily. Imagine how glad I was when I found Kiko´s 30 Days Extension Night Treatment Booster for just £7.50. For me it was just £3 because they had a special offer for mascaras that day. I do have to admit I was a bit skeptical towards this product.